Our Ministry

We refer to CBS as a ‘bridge’ Camp, one that connects to churched and un-churched families alike. We do not try to teach a child ‘what you should be,’ but by modeling Christ for our campers, we can teach them who they can be – people who are here on earth to make a positive difference in the lives of others – caring, showing empathy and doing what is right.   Experiencing the love of Christ through counselors shows children that they, too, can demonstrate that love to others.

Ministry with Campers

Our counselors take part in a relational ministry that interacts with the campers in a fun way, one that does not judge those who may not follow beliefs similar to our own. We want our campers to see Christ through us; while our PowWow devotionals and weekly church services are important, our counselors’ lives are what every camper will want to emulate. That God uses us to impact young lives in this way is both humbling and exhilarating. When children realize that they, too, can have such an effect on the lives of others, they are on their way!

In every situation we want to be led by the Spirit. We do not reveal Christ to the kids, the Spirit does. This means we adopt a “no pressure” approach to sharing the gospel. We want to allow the Holy Spirit to pierce hearts and meet kids where they are. It is a privilege to be a part of this, not a right.

How we will support you in ministry

At CBS, we think the spiritual growth of our staff is equally important to that of our campers. We aim to provide an amazing opportunity for each staff member to develop and leave camp knowing they’ve taken the “next step” in their walk with Christ!

Mentoring involves a voluntary investment in others for their spiritual growth, development, and success; it is rooted in faith. Each counselor participates in a Discipleship Group (otherwise known by our staff as D-Groups). Each week, counselors meet and go through a devotional book with a full time staff member. The process of pouring into our staff will come from friendships, experience and knowledge shared during the D-Group sessions, plus individual meetings (One-on-Ones) during the week with the group leader. Counselors will have the opportunity to be real with their mentors. We want long lasting relationships that will multiply later. We do this so that the growth in Christ continues with the multiplication process.