What is it Like to be a Camper at Camp Balcones Springs?

Air-Conditioned Cabins

We’re one of the few camps with air-conditioned cabins! Campers will live with 7 other campers their age and two fun-loving counselors. You will get to request to be in a cabin with up to two friends.


We have an onsite kitchen fully staffed and led by full time, professional chefs that ensure campers get nutritious, well-rounded hot meals throughout their time at camp. Due to our onsite staff, we are able to accommodate any food allergies and other dietary restrictions, including gluten intolerance, red dye and more.

Safety & Health Care

We take safety very seriously at Camp Balcones Springs. We pride ourselves on our 4-1 Camper to Counselor ratio, the highest in the industry. We also have two registered nurses onsite at all times, as well as our camp doctor who is on call at all times.

Visit our Safety and Health Care page for more information on health and administering medication.

Activities and Daily Schedule

We have over 40 onsite activities, including horseback riding, waterskiing, sports, and more! Check out our activities page for all of your options. We are also unique in that campers who have finished the 3rd grade will get to choose their own classes and schedule, providing an opportunity for campers to have autonomy and build confidence. Campers younger than 3rd grade will get a customized schedule of activities and travel with their cabin.

Daily Schedule:

  • 9:15-Flagpole
  • 9:30-Breakfast
  • 10:00-Team Competition
  • 10:50- First Activity
  • 11:40- Second Activity
  • 12:30-First Lunch/PowWow
  • 1:15-Second Lunch/PowWow
  • 1:45- Recharge
  • 3:00- Oasis
  • 3:30-Third Activity
  • 4:20-Fourth Activity
  • 5:00-Phunanza
  • 6:30-Girls Dinner
  • 7:00-Flagpole
  • 7:15- Boys Dinner
  • 7:45-SOS
  • 8:15-Night Activity
  • 9:00- Bedtime Process Begins for Youngest Campers
  • 10:30 Lights Out

Mail at Camp

Campers can get mail every day during lunch. Parents and friends can send emails and packages full of goodies! During Recharge campers can write back using letters and postcards.


Any campers lucky enough to have a birthday during their time at camp can get excited for a day of phun! They will have a special birthday song sung to you at the flagpole, a ride in the birthday chair, and even get to pie someone in the face! Birthdays at camp are truly one of a kind!


View Term Dates & Rates, or call us at (830) 693-2267 to speak to a team member for more information!