What is it like to be a camper at CBS


You will live in an air-conditioned cabin with 7 other campers your age and two fun-loving counselors. You will get to request to be in a cabin with up to two of your friends.

Activities and Daily Schedule

If you have finished the 3rd grade you will get to choose your own classes. Check out our activities page for all of your options. If you are younger than 3rd grade you will get a customized schedule of activities and travel with your cabin.

Your Daily Schedule:

  • 9:15-Flagpole
  • 9:30-Breakfast
  • 10:00-Team Competition
  • 10:50- First Activity
  • 11:40- Second Activity
  • 12:30-First Lunch/PowWow
  • 1:15-Second Lunch/PowWow
  • 1:45- Recharge
  • 3:00- Oasis
  • 3:30-Third Activity
  • 4:20-Fourth Activity
  • 5:00-Phunanza
  • 6:30-Girls Dinner
  • 7:00-Flagpole
  • 7:15- Boys Dinner
  • 7:45-SOS
  • 8:15-Night Activity
  • 9:00- Bedtime Process Begins for Youngest Campers
  • 10:30 Lights Out

Mail at Camp

You can get mail every day during lunch. Your parents and friends can send you emails and packages full of goodies! During recharge you can write them back using letters and postcards.


If you are lucky enough to have your birthday fall during your time at camp then get excited for a day of phun! You will have a special birthday song sung to you at flagpole, a ride in the birthday chair, and you even get to pie someone in the face! Birthdays at camp are truly one of a kind!