At Camp Balcones Springs, we offer a wide variety of activities with individualized scheduling designed to meet the interests of each camper. With over 40 activities available, campers are given the opportunity to select their classes.* We train our already experienced and qualified staff of counselors to be effective teachers -emphasizing proper techniques, safety, sportsmanship, and fun. Throughout the term, each camper will stretch his or her abilities and, with individualized instruction, develop new skills and confidence.

* Campers (3rd grade and up) have the opportunity to design their schedules. Campers second grade and younger will travel as a cabin, with a designated traveler to guide them and insure they are prepared for activities. They will not have individualized schedules and for their safety, cabins are not scheduled for Riflery or archery. Also, campers must weigh a minimum of 75 pounds to go on the zip-line.

All campers go to Lake Travis as a cabin as part of their minor activity schedule. Every afternoon (for about an hour), all activities are open and supervised during our very unique free-time called PHUNanza.

Activities We Offer:

A Typical Day at CBS

  • 8:30 Wake Up/Cabin Cleanup
  • 9:00 Flagpole
  • 9:15 Breakfast
  • 10:00 Team Competition
  • 10:50 Morning Activities
  • 12:30 First Lunch/ Powwow
  • 1:15 Second Lunch/Pow Wow
  • 1:45 Recharge (Rest Time)
  • 3:00 Oasis (Snack-time)
  • 3:30 Afternoon Activities
  • 5:00 PHUNanza
  • 6:30 Girls’ Dinner
  • 7:15 Flagpole
  • 7:30 Boys’ Dinner
  • 8:15 S.O.S.
  • 8:30ish Evening Activity
  • 11:00 Lights Out