High School Programs

Our High School programs are designed to instill leadership skills into our oldest campers and allow them to be positive role models for our younger campers.


(Campers who have completed the 9th grade)
The senior camper program is a transitional year intended to prepare them for the rest of high school programs. Senior Campers’ get the best of both worlds by having structure and independence worked into their schedule. They spend one period a day enjoying specialized activities and building community with their peers. Senior Campers live in an exclusive grouping of cabins complete with a scenic view, fire pit and pavilion. It is many campers’ favorite year.


(Campers who have completed the 10th grade)
Leadership Training is a big step in the high school programs, as it is focused on character development through various leadership roles. LTs oversee and staff areas of responsibility which include the Post Office, Oasis and the Adopt-a-Cabin program. LTs also go through the rigorous process of becoming lifeguard-certified, a 32-hour course which includes CPR for the professional rescuer. The Program brings in inspirational speakers who share information on preparing for college, goal-setting, healthy lifestyle guidelines and the importance of faith in making major life decisions. LTs live in the posh “Thicket,” with its luxurious accommodations and spectacular balcony view of Lake Ted.


(Campers who have completed the 11th grade)
Many campers say they have never had a more rewarding experience than their time on Work Crew. We ask our Work Crew to wash dishes, help with food preparation and service, set up meals, collect garbage, saddle horses, and prepare for evening activities. Through this program they realize that life becomes bigger and takes on more meaning when we care for and serve others. They acquire a deeper, more mature sense of themselves and others. In essence, they experience the satisfaction that comes only through placing another’s needs before their own.

Work Crew participants will receive a certificate documenting the 120 to 180 hours of community service. Thus far, high schools have universally accepted this documentation; it is a program where space is limited, and it fills up quickly.