Team Competition

Each CBS camper will be initiated into one of our four legendary teams. Boys will be either a Rough Rider or a Texas Ranger, and girls will be either a Silver Spur or a Lone Star. Throughout the term, the Rough Riders and Silver Spurs will compete against the Texas Rangers and Lone Stars in Friendly Competition. Team Comp takes place every morning with campers participating in a variety of camp games. The term ends with, “The Amazing Race”, where a winner will be crowned.

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Evening Programs

We have traditional night activities like Rodeo Round-up, movie night, night team competition, and Mission Impossible. New summer party themes are unveiled in early spring. All of our evening programs maintain the same level of phun as the rest of the Camp Balcones Springs experience.

Here are some of our night activities from last summer:


Stay Tuned for 2019 Dances!