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COVID-19 Updates

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April 22, 2022 - Forms, Parent Compass, Pre-Camp COVID-19 Policy

Summer 2022 Covid-19 Policy

We are excited to announce we will be returning to normal drop-off and pick-up procedures for Summer 2022! This means parents will be allowed to enter cabins, and masks will not be required. While we all thought we would be out of the pandemic woods this summer, the continuing variants and uptick of cases in the United States and our Texas community especially have compelled us to implement additional Covid-19 precautions to kick off the camp season. We will be moving forward with these guidelines in place but will adjust them accordingly as the summer progresses pending on how the waves of infections proceed. We will of course update you all with advised guidelines when necessary.

Dr. Kent, our camp doctor, and our medical team have reviewed the American Camp Association guidelines, as well as Austin AISD protocols, in order to come up with the following set of guidelines for all terms. These guidelines will be in place for each term until further updated.

CBS Covid-19 Protocol Summer 2022

All campers, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, should be tested 3 days or less prior to arrival at camp.

  • If your camper is vaccinated, a PCR (NAAT) test is suggested, but a rapid test will suffice.
  • If your camper is unvaccinated, we are requiring a PCR (NAAT) test.

If your camper tests positive, please contact us, and we will arrange for them to come later in the term once their quarantine is complete.

We ask that all campers and camp families try to limit big community exposures prior to camp, especially in the 5 days leading up to camp.

Please be advised that if any camper has symptoms suspicious of COVID-19 during the term, a rapid test will be done at camp. If the test is positive, your camper will need to be picked up within 24 hours.

If your camper goes home with a positive test, they must quarantine for five days at home. They may rejoin camp after 5 days if symptoms improve and with a negative test. When they return to camp, the camper must wear a mask for the following five days.

For any cabin mates exposed to a positive camper, we will employ our standard quarantine protocol from the past two summers. Campers will continue partaking in activities but will do so masked when indoors or in close contact and eat outside for 5 days from their last exposure to the infected camper. If symptoms develop, testing will be performed.

We appreciate your support and cooperation with these updated guidelines! We want so badly to ensure all campers can have a healthy and safe stay at camp and do not want to cut short anyone’s camp experience. We hope you will join us in these goals.

As always, please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. We are so excited to see you!


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