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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated June 15, 2020

Summer 2020 Details

What terms will you be offering this summer?

We are offering three sessions over the final 5 weeks of Summer 2020. The sessions are:

  • Term A: July 5 – July 18 (2-week session) $3,300
  • Term B: July 19 – Aug 1 (2-week session) $3,300
  • Term C: Aug 2 – Aug 9 (1-week session) $1,550

Please note, all dates are subject to change due to state regulations and guidelines from the American Camp Association and the Center for Disease Control.

Can I enroll for my camper for more than one term?

Due to our shortened schedule, campers may only enroll for one term at this time.

Why have the rates changed for each term?

We want to be really upfront about this! The additional cost for nurses, housekeeping staff, cleaning supplies, and PPE is significant, but absolutely necessary. We’ve had to increase the cost of camp sessions to ensure we are giving our campers the healthiest and most fun experience this summer.

If we are currently enrolled in any term for the summer, will we receive a refund if we are unable to attend any of the sessions you are now offering?

Yes. All regularly scheduled terms have been canceled, and all tuition payments made for those terms will be refunded. These refunds will be processed immediately. If you are able to move into one of our new terms, we would love to have you re-register for one of those. If the dates for these sessions don’t work for you to join us at camp this summer, we certainly understand. Your deposit will roll over to Summer 2021, and your camper’s spot for 2021 will be reserved. If you are unable to attend Summer 2021, your deposit will be rolled over to 2022.

If we are currently enrolled and still want to attend camp this summer, what is the process to re-enroll in one of the new sessions?

All previous enrollments for Summer 2020 are canceled, effective May 6th. Deposits that have been paid can be used to re-register for the new 2020 dates, or they may be rolled over to Summer 2021. Any tuition payments will be refunded in the same manner in which they were processed.

Any camper wanting to attend Summer 2020 will need to re-register for one of the new terms being offered. Registration for the new 2020 dates will open Wednesday, May 13th. The online registration process will remain the same as before. Currently enrolled campers will have first access to the new registration dates. Registration will open to all other prospective families Wednesday, May 20.

When is the new deadline for tuition payment?

The new deadline for camper tuition payment is Saturday, May 30.

What if we change our mind about enrolling this summer?

Due to our shortened schedule, tuition payments will not be refunded to families who choose to cancel their camper’s enrollment for other issues or due to personal concerns about COVID-19. If it is mandated that camp closes and Summer 2020 does not happen, then refunds will be issued for camper tuition. Deposits are not eligible to be refunded.

When are activity preferences and cabin requests due?

All bunk requests should be notated on the camper application when registering. Bunk requests will close 2 weeks prior to a term beginning.

Camper activity preference forms should be submitted no later than June 5.

Why did you cancel the first two terms of camp and change the structure of the final 5 weeks of camp?

We are doing our absolute best to get as many campers to camp this summer. The health and safety of our campers and families is our number one priority. Due to the information provided by health experts and government officials, the decision to push our timeline back was made to ensure the safest version of camp possible.

We decided to change the structure of the final five weeks of camp to provide more opportunities for campers to attend this summer. Rather than operating the final five weeks of camp as normal in a three-week and a two-week session, we have split those weeks into three sessions. This will provide us the opportunity to accept more campers this summer, and it will also account for our two highest demographics of campers: 1-week and 2-week campers.

Will you be offering any kind of business during the month of June?

We certainly hope so! While we expect some form of social distancing, safety guidelines, and restrictions on large groups during the month of June to still be in effect, we are hopeful that we can accommodate smaller groups on property. We are currently exploring options such as smaller retreat groups or even small family camps! We will update our camp and retreat websites with more information about these offerings on Monday, May 11.

What about ‘High School Program’ campers? If they are unable to attend any of the second-half sessions, what will their options be next summer?

We know our high school campers look forward to the new privileges each year brings! If your camper is unable to attend Summer 2020, they can choose to enroll in summer 2021 in the program they missed during summer 2020 or the program as determined by the camper’s grade. All high school campers will be set back on track for Summer 2022, based on their camper grade.

What will High School Programs look like this summer?

Due to many training courses cancelled this spring, Camp Balcones Springs is making every possible effort to, but may not be able to, offer the lifeguard certification class to Leadership Training Campers Summer 2020. In preparation for this, our team has created an equally rewarding back-up plan for this class, if necessary. This new design aims to give campers unique team building experiences, the opportunity to shadow staff including department heads, compound heads, and office staff, legacy project design and implementation, assisting in minor classes throughout the term, new roles within teams, and more!

Due to new health regulations in response to COVID-19, Work Crew may not be able to serve in the kitchen this summer. Luckily, this creates a new opportunity for our Work Crew to serve camp in new ways! We want our Work Crew’s experience to be an example of servant leadership around camp. This summer, we look forward to seeing our Work Crew lead camp in activities like flagpole, SOS, evening programs, and major and minor classes.

COVID-19 Safety Questions

Will you be doing anything differently for the terms you are offering?

Programmatically, we are running camp as normal, complete with all of the fun traditions, activities, and programs campers are accustomed to. Camp will remain camp! We will, however, be increasing our efforts to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your campers. Some of these efforts include:

  • There will be no transportation services offered to camp this summer. All campers must be dropped off at camp on Opening Day. Additionally, campers will be required to stay for the entirety of the term they sign up for. Sadly, there will be no exceptions allowed this summer for campers wanting to leave camp and return during a session.
  • For our meals, all food-handling employees have gloves and face masks while in the kitchen. Any CDC guidelines and USPH requirements created in response to COVID-19 will be followed at all times during the preparation, service and clean-up of all meals.
  • We have put a great deal of thought into our activities, how to redesign them, and how to ensure the campers remain healthy. All campers and staff are required to sanitize their hands before and after every activity period. We anticipate our activity departments (Outdoors, Waterfront, Horseback, Ropes and Sports) to operate as normal as long as the local and state government do not place restrictions on the activity. You will be informed should any of our activities be affected.
  • All summer staff are required to arrive and quarantine for 14 days before our first Opening Day.

What additional safety measures are you implementing to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

All of our decisions for programs, activities, meals and cabins will abide by the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) and the American Camp Association (ACA).

  • The hygiene of campers and staff has always been a focus at Camp Balcones Springs. Washing hands before meals will continue and we will require campers to sanitize their hands more frequently throughout the day.
  • High touch surfaces around camp and in the cabins will be sanitized frequently and additional hand sanitizing stations will be available across camp.
  • Additional signage concerning best health practices and safety precautions have been posted in all restrooms, dining facilities, and around camp. In addition to regular scheduled cleaning, high-traffic areas will be disinfected frequently.
  • We’ll conduct regular reminders for campers and staff about good hygiene, covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, avoiding touching your face/mouth, and not sharing personal items like towels, blankets, etc.
  • After the completion of every activity, a staff member will disinfect all areas that were used during the activity.

Recently Added Questions

Will my camper wear a mask this summer?

At this time, we do not anticipate campers being required to wear masks during the day. Staff teaching activities will wear masks and when in close contact with a camper (ex. assisting with/checking safety equipment, etc).

How will meals at camp work?

We’re brainstorming creative solutions to spread campers out during breakfast, as it is the only meal where all of camp eats together. We imagine breakfast will be served in one of a variety of ways – spaced out picnic-style, in the compounds, or in the cabins. As part of our normal daily schedule, campers already eat in shifts during lunch and dinner. We’re rearranging how we assign tables, so there is an empty table between each cabin as they enjoy their meals.

At the table, all food will be served by a gloved and masked counselor or kitchen staff member. At The Everything Bar, gloved and masked staff will serve campers.

How will day-time activities look this summer?

Camper safety is our number one priority. In an effort to prevent any potential spread of illness, the first four days of camp will operate differently compared to our normal programming, but very similar to our free time known as Phunanaza! Campers will travel with their cabins to activities for the first four days. Cabins will be given a list of open activities each day, and each cabin will get to choose the activities they attend together. These cabins are viewed as “households” at camp. Each household will remain separate from other households for the first four days of camp. They will be asked to keep an appropriate distance from other cabin groups, but they will not need to socially distance from members of their cabin household. One counselor from their cabin will be scheduled at activity areas (and required to wear a mask), while the other counselor will travel with the cabin. Each activity will be sanitized by a counselor before and after each use.

Beginning on the fifth day of camp, campers will return to their normal activity schedule of alternating Majors and Minors. Major days will be the classes campers sign up for before arriving to camp. Minor days will be the pre-assigned classes that campers will attend with their cabins. Campers alternate between Majors and Minors each day.

New information comes daily from Governor Abbott’s office, the American Camp Association and CDC and we will make modifications as necessary in accordance with any future restrictions or guidelines.

What will Evening Programs look like?

As you see above, in an effort to limit the potential spreading of any illness, we are planning for a modified version of activities for the first four days of camp. Likewise, we have re-constructed our evening activities schedule, so that the evening programs on the first four nights of camp can be facilitated in a way that accommodates our social distancing protocols for the “households” mentioned above. Once we reach day five of camp, we will resume our normal schedule of camp activities and evening programs. At this point, those programs will not require the same physical distancing of households.

Can I mail packages to my camper this summer?

Due to COVID-19, we will not accept outside packages for campers. We encourage you to purchase a bunk bag for campers or put fun surprises in their trunk prior to arriving at camp. Families can send letters and emails, like in previous years!

What is the process for health checks before camp?

We are in the process of finalizing our pre-camp health check process and form. We will make this available to all camp families as soon as possible.

What is the process for health checks during camp?

This summer, we are implementing daily health checks and temperature tracking for our campers and staff. During the first four days of camp, nurses will visit cabins before breakfast, after Recharge, and before bed to check temperatures and monitor camper health. After the first four days, nurses will continue to visit cabins before breakfast and before bed to check temperatures and monitor camper health.

Will there be changes to Opening and Closing Days?

In light of the circumstances surrounding Covid-19, we have made adjustments to our Opening and Closing Days for this summer. Parents, this summer you will go through a ‘drive-thru’ drop-off and pick-up and are asked to remain in your vehicle for the duration of the process. Please pay special attention to the details listed below.

Opening Day Procedure (July 5, July 19, and August 2)

The gates will open at designated times for specific age groups: · 2:00pm for campers 12 years old and younger. · 3:00pm for campers 13 years old and older.
Families with campers in both age groups may choose either time slot.

Once entering the gates: · BOYS will be directed to the Circle Drive (Turn Right) · GIRLS will be directed to The Thicket (Stay Straight) If you have both boy and girl campers, please drop them off in the appropriate location.

Upon arriving at the check-in area, parents MUST provide their completed Camper Screening form, which includes a 7-day temperature screening of each child. Campers will NOT be allowed to check-in without the completed form. (See Attached)

After receiving the form, our medical team will check the temperature of each camper. Any camper with a temperature less than 100.4 will be permitted into camp. If any camper has a temperature of 100.4 or greater at drop-off, they will be asked to leave. Each camper will also go through a very quick check for lice. Any camper discovered to have lice will be asked to leave and seek treatment before returning, continuing to temperature track and quarantine while at home. Once approved, campers’ luggage will be unloaded by our camp staff, disinfected with proper cleaning supplies, and delivered to the camper’s compound shortly after.

Parents and campers are asked to say their goodbyes in their vehicle. At this point, campers will hop out and a staff member will escort each camper to their cabin where one of their counselors will be waiting! Counselors will help campers grab their luggage and settle into their cabin. This is a great opportunity for you and your camper to start packing their trunk together and practicing making the bed - empowering them by making decisions and setting them up for success on Opening Day!

Closing Day Procedure (July 18, August 1, and August 9)

The gates will open at designated times for specific age groups: · 9:30am for campers 12 years old and younger · 10:30am for campers 13 years old and older Families with campers in both age groups may choose either time slot.

Once entering the gates: · BOYS will be picked up from the Circle Drive area (turn right) · GIRLS will be picked up from The Thicket area (stay straight) If you have both boy and girl campers, please pick them up at the designated location.

Parents, please place a sheet of paper in your windshield containing the name(s) of your camper(s) written clearly and in a large font.

Once arriving at the pick-up location, your camper(s) will be waiting for you next to their luggage! Each camper will have their Closing Day packet, as well as any medication they brought to camp. Camp staff will be available to help load campers’ luggage into vehicles. Parents will be required to stay in their vehicle during Closing Day as well. Once all of your luggage is loaded, families are asked to leave property to ease the flow of traffic as more families arrive to pick up their campers. Unfortunately, there will be no closing ceremony this summer. Term videos will still be mailed to you, just like in past years.

Should I send my child to camp this summer?

While we’d love to see all of our campers this summer, we know there are some limitations that may prevent them from attending. Please review the following limitations. If your camper fits in one of the categories, please strongly consider skipping this summer:

  • Camper lives with someone over the age of 65
  • Camper has a compromised immune system or lives with someone with a compromised immune system
  • Camper is sick or has been around anyone that has been sick

What if I have another question?

We want to help you through this process! If you have any questions regarding Summer 2020, please call us at (830) 693-2267 or email us at info@campiscool.com.