Our Mission-Staff

Camp Balcones Springs is a camp rooted in the Christian faith and its values, and our programming reflects these beliefs, as does our desire to provide campers with mentors who can model Christ’s love through their actions as staff. However, our aim is not to be a church camp, and we strive instead to be accessible and nurturing for campers of any faith. We never want to force theology upon children and want camp to be a place for everyone, regardless of their chosen beliefs (or lack thereof). We aim to be a relational ministry above all else, providing campers with mentors who display Christian values in their lives while we act as the staging ground for friendships and mentorships that will last a lifetime.

Mission with Campers

Our counselors are expected to engage in a relational ministry above all else, getting to genuinely know campers and showing them love and grace through the leadership and support they provide throughout the term. In addition to our focus on relationships, counselors will also be responsible for leading our short “PowWow” devotionals in their cabins each day. PowWows are not extensive Bible studies, but rather, short, age-appropriate discussions over a Bible story or lesson. We also have a weekly “church” service on Sundays called Baseline, during which a guest speaker will give a short, uplifting talk, and our staff will play several upbeat songs while all of camp is gathered together. Ultimately, our counselors’ lives and actions are what every camper will want to emulate, so our staff, more so than any type of programming, remains the backbone of our mission as a summer camp.

How We Support Our Staff

At CBS, we think the spiritual growth and health of our staff is equally important to that of our campers. We want all staff members to grow and mature as young adults, relationally and spiritually, throughout the summer. Through the constant opportunities to practice leadership and responsibility in their roles as mentors, role models, teachers, and friends, we believe our staff will develop and nurture these skills and leave camp having matured in their emotional, spiritual, and mental capabilities.

We provide several programs and resources to nurture our staff throughout the summer and help equip them to best provide relational support to their campers. Each counselor participates in a Discipleship Group (otherwise known by our staff as D-Groups) once a week to go through a devotional book with a full time staff member. We also pour into our staff through intentional mentorship from our leadership team and full time staff who meet with counselors one-on-one throughout the summer and are always available for information and support. As is the case with our campers, we design our program to build lasting relationships among our counselors and staff that will continue on well beyond the camp gates.