Than Fun!

A summer camp in the heart of the Texas Hill Country for boys and girls, ages 6-17

Explore Your Summer

You’re thinking about giving your child the gift of summer camp. It’s a big step for your family, and an even bigger step for your child.

CBS is a great nurturing camp for both body and soul. We love it. I appreciate the activities and team work combined with the oppurtunity to be independent but with a loving and nurturing staff there that my son trusts.

Camper Parent

I’m Christine Baskin,

A camp mom, as well as the camp owner.

Right now you’re wondering if your child will be safe, if it will be an uplifting environment, if they will have fun, or be successful making new friends. I get it. There’s a lot to think about.

Your Child Wants to Have Fun

Summer camp is an amazing, exciting, non-stop, unplugged, outdoors, stay-up-late, try-new-things, grow-an-inch experience! Kids don’t know the half of what’s waiting for them, but they can’t wait to get to camp!

Why Send Your Child To Summer Camp?

Because you know this is a HUGE opportunity for growth. As a parent, I know you want your child to mature, learn to persevere, develop interpersonal skills, take a break from technology, unwind from the stress of negative peer pressure - the same things I wanted for my three children. You know what? It takes mountains of courage, joy, and love to grow a great kid.

Summers at CBS are More Than Fun

Watch a brief introduction to Balcones Springs here and then watch our full video.

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Camp Balcones Springs is a secret, small paradise in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, just 40 miles northwest of Austin. Established in 1993, founded on Christian principles, CBS is among Texas’ most progressive camps, redefining the overnight summer camp experience for boys and girls, ages 6 to 17.