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Camp Life

Camp is such an awesome place!

What is it like to be a camper at Camp Balcones Springs?

Days at camp are full of adventure! You wake up surrounded by your cabin mates — how much fun is that?!? You dash off to the flag pole, and then to breakfast.

Kids come first at CBS, and that’s especially true when it comes to food. If it isn’t fun to eat, why serve it? Our talented year-round chefs have the most fun during the summer as they’re preparing campers’ favorite meals.

Breakfast Favorites

  • Pancakes with M&Ms
  • Krispy Kreme Donuts
  • Honey Buttered Chicken Biscuits
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Migas

After the meal, it’s Team Comp! You cheer for your team in the Hippodrome (basketball court), and then participate in a fun competition — playing traditional CBS games like 3-ball, Orbit Ball, and O-Ball (to name just a few).

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After Team Comp, you head to your first two activities of the day. If it’s a Major Day, you go to the activities you selected — maybe Sailing, Horseback, or Arts & Crafts — there are so many!

If it’s a Minor Day, you head to a new activity with your cabin mates. You could be Zip-Lining, Rock-Climbing, or Swimming at Lake Ted.

Lunch Time and PowWow come next. Depending on your age, you either head to the Dining Hall to eat a yummy lunch with your cabin, or you meet up with your cabin mates and counselors for PowWow — a short story and discussion time.

Lunch Favorites

  • Corndogs & Mac’n Cheese
  • Chicken Tenders & French Fries
  • The Everything Bar
  • Hamburgers
  • Pizza

The Everything Bar is just what it sounds like. We have yogurt, jello, fresh fruit, pasta, grilled chicken, quinoa, kale salad, arugula salad, black beans, hummus, BBQ sliders, seafood salad…

Afterward, you head back to the cabin to rest, read letters, and cool off in the AC during Recharge. At the end of Recharge, you head to The Thicket for Oasis - snack time! Oasis is stocked with healthy, delicious snacks and fruit.

After Oasis, you head to activities 3 and 4, which will vary depending on whether it is a Major or Minor day.

The afternoon ends with time to catch up with your friends — we call it Phunanza. It’s our open-activity period when you swim, zip-line, play almost any sport, or relax inside in the Kids Lounge. You’ve got a whole hour to do whatever you want!

Check Session Availability

Email Bre to see if we have room in the sesison you’re interested in.

Email Bre
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After Phunanza, you rush back to the flag pole and then to dinner before the night’s activities.

Dinner Favorites

  • Steak & Wedge Potatoes
  • “Favorite” Chicken
  • Lasagna & Breadsticks
  • Tacos with Queso
  • Orange Chicken & Edamame Salad

After dinner, you gather with your cabin for S.O.S. (Song or Skit) before the Evening Program. Depending on the night, you either go to a dance with games and fun costumes, or partake in a special CBS activity like Mission Impossible or Rodeo Roundup.

The day ends back in your cool air-conditioned cabin, relaxing in your comfy bed.