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CBS Experience

Founded in 1993, Camp Balcones Springs is a relatively young summer camp. Before we planned a single activity, building, or even hired our staff, we toured the best summer camps to discover their secrets. Then we came home and brainstormed, compared notes, and made a list of everything that makes camp wonderful.

We took our time so we could make Camp Balcones Springs a PHUN!, uplifting, memorable experience.

It’s a Small World

We made our cabins smaller so kids would know each other better and counselors would be able to spend more time with each child. Relationships are richer when you have more intentional time together.

All The Comforts of Home

There’s a reason our campers call CBS their home away from home. We eat well, sleep well, and have a better day because of it!

A long time ago, we hired a real chef from the Culinary Institute of America — now, we have 3! Meals are served family style, so campers can spend more time with their cabins, rather than waiting in a buffet line. We appreciate the extra time and effort our chefs put in to ensuring our food is fun, tasty, and healthy!

It’s great fun to be outside running around, but it’s also nice to retreat from the heat and cool off. That’s why all of our buildings and cabins are air-conditioned!

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It’s Our World

Camp Balcones Springs encourages campers to be mindful of waste and our impact on the planet. We follow sustainable food practices, and operate our own recycling and composting programs. For our newest initiative, we are replacing our mattresses with super-comfy recyclable mattresses!

Not Done Yet

You might think we’re “finished” but every year brings new improvements in the camp experience. We recently covered our tennis courts, and the entire horseback arena, so kids stay out of the sun during these activities. We’re constantly planting trees to create more shady areas. We built a floating 2-story blob dock and hangout so kids get to be on the water and in the shade at the same time. We’re taking PHUN! to another level!