PHUN! Activities

Majors & Minors

Major activities are designed for you to build your skills. Campers who have completed 3rd grade or higher have the opportunity to choose their major activities. Major activities include Archery, Basketball, Baseball, Ceramics, Cooking, Drama, Football, Horseback Riding, Jewelry Making, Painting, Soccer, Survival Skills, Tennis, Wakeboarding, Woodworking, and more!

Minor activities are cabin activities. You’ll have a BLAST running around camp with your cabin mates doing fun things like Arts & Crafts, Banana Boating, Challenge Course, Cheers, Disc Golf, Etiquette, Fishing, Fitness, Hiking, Kickball, Paintball, Pickleball, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Swimming, Tubing, and Yoga.

Major and Minor activity days alternate throughout each term. Keep scrolling to read through all of our activities!


If you come to camp when you have just finished kindergarden, 1st, or 2nd grade, you’ll be a Traveler. You get to hang out with our terrific counselors all day as you and your fellow Travelers make your way around camp, sampling all kinds of fun activities.

After you’ve completed 3rd grade you’ll get to pick your own Major activities — it’s so much fun to be in charge!

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Archery | Art/Crafts | Ball Sports | Baseball | Basketball | Canoeing & Kayaking | Ceramics | Cooking | Dance | Drama | Fishing | Fitness | Football | Horseback | Jewelry Making | Lacrosse | Mind Games | Music | Painting | Riflery | Rock Climbing | Sailing | Scamper Period | Soccer | Survival Skills | Tennis | Volleyball | Wakeboarding/Water Skiing | Woodworking


Archery | Archery Tag | Art/Crafts | Ball Sports | Baseball | Basketball | Beach | Blob Football | Camp Dances | Camp Store/Sugar Shack | Canoeing & Kayaking | Ceramics | Charlotte’s Web | Cooking | Dance | Dog Washing | Drama | Etiquette | Fishing | Fitness | Float the River | Football | Friendship Bracelet Making | Gaga Ball | Horseback | Jewelry Making | Lacrosse | Lake LBJ – Tubing, Banana Boats, & Wakeboarding | Mat Ball | Mind Games | Nuke ‘Em | O’Ball | Paintball | Painting | Pamper Pole | Quick Jump | Riflery | Rock Climbing | Ropes | Sailing | Scamper Period | Slip-and-Slide | Soccer | Spa | Survival Skills | SUPs & Corcls | Table Square | Ted Phun | Tennis | Tie Dye | Tiny Boats | Ultimate Frisbee | Volleyball | Wakeboarding | Water Aerobics | World Cup Soccer | Yoga | Zipline

Look Forward To This Summer’s Phun!

Escape Room

New for 2020! Minor activity, 6th grade & above.

You’re stuck in the Underground. You’ve got 45 minutes to escape, or you’ll be stuck forever. Find the clues and figure out how to get out… or else!


Major activity, 7th grade & above.

We’re lucky to have the westernmost point of Lake Travis, the biggest lake in Texas, all to ourselves. It’s so secluded that we frequently see hawks, foxes, and other wildlife! Some afternoons provide a peaceful time for reflection out on the water. Other days are thrilling and fast paced as the breeze picks up — it’s up to you and your mate to harness the wind.

Survival Skills

Major Activity, All Ages

Build a shelter! Make a fire. Camoflage. Erect a fort. Throw an axe! Make a fishing pole from scratch. Cook your fish over the fire you made. Meet some dangerous animals. What wild plants you can eat? How can a paracord bracelet save your life? You’ll go home with some serious skills.

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Team Competition

Boys, are you going to be a Rough Rider or a Texas Ranger? Girls, are you a Silver Spur or Lone Star? When you arrive at camp you will be welcomed into one of our four legendary teams. Throughout the term, the Rough Riders and Silver Spurs compete against the Texas Rangers and Lone Stars in friendly competition. The day starts with cheers and songs after breakfast, followed by Team Comp where you can score points for your team. The excitement builds through the summer until “The Amazing Race” at the end of your term.

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Ted 10,000 Swim Race

Every camper for themself! If you think you’re fast enough, jump in and do your best. Swim for the glory of being the fastest.

Rodeo Roundup

The last night of camp, after all of the excitement of the term, we gather down by the barn for an elegant honky-tonk Texas two-step evening of dancing, cotton candy, funnel cake, fireworks, and saying goodbye. Walking back to your cabin between the luminaries is a sweet memory before returning home.

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Flag Pole

Get “put on the rock” for doing something note-worthy! At the close of each day we recognize the campers who have made an outstanding contribution to the day or the term.


Every day at camp is packed full of fun. We like to say that at CBS we don’t just have “fun,” we have PHUN! with a capital “PH!” It’s hard to understand until you’ve been at camp for a summer, but you’ll catch on fast. Freedom! Phunanza is an hour when you are free to choose — play some tennis, grab a slushy, run down to the water’s edge, or whatever you want to do that day. Tomorrow’s another day, and your next Phunanza could be completely different — it’s up to YOU!


Every term there’s a PHUN dance. We crank up the A/C, black out the windows, and light up the night with our favorite music and fun activities. You don’t have to dance to feel the beat and have fun at Balcones Springs.

Big deal activities at our summer camp.

Get an overview of everything possible during a summer at Camp Balcones Springs, courtesy of the Goodnight cabin!

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