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Work Crew

Campers who have completed the 11th grade.

Next to the prestigious Agape award given to our all-star counselors, serving on the Work Crew is Camp Balcones Spring’s highest honor. Campers must possess a servant’s heart and seek to be an active role model for younger campers. Work Crew is the pinnacle of a camper’s experience, and for many young people, a defining season in their lives.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to see a different side of camp and give back to a place that has given me so much.

Margaret W.

Campers must apply for Work Crew, and preference is given to returning campers.

Most campers say they have never had a more rewarding experience than their time on Work Crew. We ask our Work Crew to wash dishes, help with food preparation and service, set up meals, collect trash and recycling, and set-up for evening activities.

Work Crew seeks to impart the truth that life becomes bigger and takes on more meaning when we care for and serve others. Through serving camp (alongside their Work Crew counselors), campers acquire a deeper, more mature sense of themselves and others. In essence, they experience the satisfaction that comes only through placing another’s needs before their own.

Work Crew Perks

  • Special activities just for Work Crew
  • More free time & independence
  • Spa Night complete with masseuses, mud masks, and chocolate covered strawberries
  • Exclusive Work Crew lounge stocked with everyone’s favorite snacks
  • Private access to The Narrows
  • Special banana boat trip

Work Crew campers are given many special privileges and perks throughout the summer, and they are honored by the entirety of camp throughout each term. Upon the end of a session, Work Crew participants receive a certificate documenting the 120-180 hours of community service (thus far, high schools have universally accepted this documentation) they have completed.

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What They Say

Turns out changing the lives of others changes your own life, too! Hear from former Work Crew about their experience.

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