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About CBS

Our Mission

At Camp Balcones Springs, our mission is to change lives for the better through fun, relationships, and spiritual impact.

  • Fun — Make fun meaningful and transformative.
  • Relationships — Invest in quality time. Build others up. Truly get to know those around you. Make wholesome connections that will last a LIFETIME!
  • Spiritual Impact — Encourage others to become all that God created them to be.

I believe that summer camp can have a lasting influence on children. We at CBS approach camping with this mindset, seeking to impart meaningful lessons and experiences that benefit campers for years to come. I want all campers to feel known and encouraged in their identities. We strive to create a safe and nurturing environment in which campers are able to push their limits, try new things, and ultimately, grow.

Christine Baskin
Camp Owner and Director

Camp Balcones Springs is rooted in the Christian faith and its values. Our programming reflects these beliefs, as does our desire to provide campers with mentors who model Christ’s love through their actions. Our counselors are the role models your child will be looking up to. We invest a great deal of time and resources in finding the right counselors. We hire young people who have the ingredients of good character — patience, kindness, gentleness, love, self-control, empathy, and are fun-loving.

We know how important it is to find the right partner in this adventure. When you choose Camp Balcones Springs, you’re choosing great role models for your child!

Why Camp Balcones Springs?

At Camp Balcones Springs, your camper will head home on Closing Day with an experience that was More Than Fun. They will have learned new skills and tried new activities. They will have made new friends and strengthened connections with current friends while led by the most passionate and caring counselors in camping. They will have grown in confidence during Pow-Wows, in grit and perseverance while climbing the Rock Wall, and in leadership and teamwork during Team Comp - all while laughing with their friends and soaking the comforts of home in their air-conditioned cabin and during chef-prepared meals. This is the CBS difference.

A Forward-Thinking Camp

We are lead by a welcoming and affirming year-round team of seasoned camp professionals. Our summer staff is comprised of returning campers, veteran counselors, experienced coaches, and fresh new staff who join us each year. This dynamic mix invigorates our culture and gives us a relevant, youthful outlook.

We retain our cherished traditions, while constantly improving our programming and tweaking our practices when change is the better choice. We want the most authentic, impactful, camp experience for our CBS kids.

We strive to be an environmentally-friendly camp, prioritizing zero-waste practices, and educating our campers in the ways they can be conscious of their environmental footprint. We harvest herbs and vegetables from our on-site garden for our camp cuisine, incorporating a sustainable dining system into our camp programming.