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Parent Communication

Here is how you send your child mail at camp! Keep in mind that it takes an extra few days for mail to arrive at camp. It’s best to start writing early!

Camp Post Office

Address all camper mail to:

Child's Name, Child's Cabin
104 Balcones Springs Dr.
Marble Falls, TX 78654

Care Packages

Parents, feel free to send care packages to your child. Please DO NOT send any of the following items.

  • Gum
  • Candy
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Fireworks
  • Silly String
  • Phones or electronics

Some parents think it is fun to send packages and hide “contraband” in teddy bears, tennis balls, etc. Although we realize it is intended to be fun, these items will be confiscated. For the benefit of everyone involved, your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Phone Calls

Campers do not have access to the phone while they are at camp, however we do encourage them to write home as often as possible. In fact, we require the campers to write one letter home each week.

You can expect a call from your child’s counselor the first week of camp. This doesn’t mean that something is wrong. It is just to let you know how things are going. In addition, we will call you if your child is in the infirmary overnight, is seriously homesick, or if we have any other concerns.


Email is a great way to contact your child. We will provide you with a secure login where you can write your email; do not send emails directly to the camp. Your messages will be printed and delivered with the mail.

Daily Photos

As a camp parent, you have access to a secure login through Waldo Photos where you can follow the action at camp as we upload photos of the PHUN! Parents also have the option, through the power of AI, to register with Waldo Photos to have their child’s photos automatically emailed to them. More information about this service is sent to enrolled families before each summer!

Now, what has CBS meant to us? Where do I begin? CBS has given me and Doug the special time we needed to regroup and catch our breath. We’ve been able to enjoy vacations away and truly not worry about our children while spending quality time together. It allowed me the quiet time that I truly needed to reflect on what is important in my life. It’s made me appreciate, admire, and love my children more and more after each summer passed. CBS has blessed my children in ways that we never could and I will forever be grateful.

Sherry O.
Camp Parent