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Senior Campers

Campers who have completed the 9th grade.

The Senior Camper program is a transitional year intended to prepare campers for the final two years of the CBS experience. Senior Campers get the best of both worlds, as their schedule combines traditional camper activity offerings with special programming and increased independence.

Senior Campers choose 3 major activities. The 4th period is reserved for specialized classes like Top Golf, Yacht Building, Escape Room, and Fear Factor, lead by guest speakers and instructors.

Senior Perks

  • First-choice for Major activities
  • Senior Cabin Area with lake view, fire pit, and pavilion
  • Later lights out

Senior Camper year is many campers’ favorite year, as campers enjoy the traditional perks of camp while also becoming acquainted with more privileges, independence, and responsibility.

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Senior Campers

Summer after 9th grade.
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Leadership Training

Summer after 10th grade.
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Work Crew

Summer after 11th grade.
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