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Programs & Schedule

Camp for Boys and Girls!

Some parts of the day the boys are with the boys and the girls are with the girls, and sometimes we’re all together! Boys cabins and girls cabins are totally separate. Activities are separated too. Meals, Phunanaza, and many evening activities are together. It’s fun, and just like a family — it works!

The older you are, the more you can do!

As campers return year after year, they look forward to new cabins, activities, and privileges! You’re growing up and we want you to have an AMAZING TIME no matter what grade you’re in. All of our activities grow with you and become more exciting as you get older.

Take our Cooking activity when you’re in the 2nd grade — you’ll get to jump right in and start making something fun. We’ve got the ingredients all ready to go! When you’re in the 4th grade our chef will teach you knife skills so you can prep your own ingredients. By the 6th grade you’ll be running a food processor and making omelettes as you sip your frappé!!!

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Be brave!

Try our Challenge Course! You’ll start out on the quad jump, then move to the rock wall, and finally the screamer — a giant 50 foot swing. When you weigh 75 pounds you can go down our zip line, a 903 foot cable ride across our private lake! Once you’re in the 7th grade you graduate to the Pamper Pole, a super-tall pole that you climb (on your own!) and then leap off onto a trapeze!

Daily schedule

Time Activity
8:00 Wake Up/Cabin Cleanup
8:30 Flagpole
8:40 Breakfast
9:15 Team Competition
10:00 First Activity
11:00 Second Activity
Time Activity
12:00 First Lunch/Mail/PowWow
12:45 Second Lunch/Mail/PowWow
1:30 Recharge
3:00 Oasis
3:30 Third Activity
4:30 Fourth Activity
Time Activity
5:15 Phunanza
6:30 Younger Campers Dinner
7:15 Flagpole
7:30 Older Campers Dinner
Time Activity
8:30 SOS
8:45 Night Activity
9:30 Bedtime Process Begins for Youngest Campers
10:30 Lights Out


If you come to camp when you’re in the 1st or 2nd grade you’ll be a Traveler. You’ll get to hang out with one of our terrific counselors all day as you and your fellow Travelers make your way around camp, sampling all kinds of fun activities.

After the 2nd grade you’ll get to pick your own Major activities — it’s so much fun to be in charge! What’s a Major? We’re glad you asked.

Majors & Minors

Major activities are designed for you to build your skills. Major activities include Archery, Basketball, Baseball, Ceramics, Cooking, Drama, Football, Horseback Riding, Jewelry Making, Painting, Soccer, Survival Skills, Tennis, Wakeboarding, and Woodworking.

Minor activities are cabin activities. You’ll have a BLAST running around camp with your cabin mates doing fun things like Arts & Crafts, Banana Boating, Challenge Course, Cheers, Disc Golf, Etiquette, Fishing, Fitness, Hiking, Kickball, Paintball, Pickleball, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Swimming, Tubing, and Yoga.

Believe it or not, we’ve got even more activities, but you’ll have to come to camp to find out what they are! Major and Minor activity days alternate throughout each term.

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Super Friendly Counselors + New Friends + You = AMAZING SUMMER

Moms and dads, we’re super picky about who we hire. We look for mature college aged men and women who have a passion for teaching. We train them so they emphasize safety, teach proper techniques, encourage good sportsmanship, and fun! The best way to know for yourself is to take a tour during the summer. Come check us out!