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Christian Emphasis

As a camp dedicated to impacting lives spiritually, we value genuine faith lived out in an authentic way. We strive to inspire our campers to become people of integrity and character so we encourage them to practice:

  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Self-discipline

We are passionate about helping our campers grow into the people God created them to be. Daily PowWows, evening S.O.S., and Baseline on Sundays all help to emphasize spiritual growth in the lives of our campers.


PowWows are daily cabin discussions on relevant topics campers encounter in their lives outside of camp. Using a Christian foundation, counselors are trained to guide campers through activities, inspirational stories, literature, and real-world examples. Together, they come up with potential answers to tough questions.

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S.O.S. (Songs or Skits)

A few times a week, camp gathers as a community for S.O.S. to sing songs, watch skits, and listen to an inspiring talk from a full-time staff member. Campers participate in contest favorites like, “Will It Sink or Float?”, skits that end with a pie in a counselor’s face and waves of laughter, and impromptu talent shows. Full of surprises and great wisdom, S.O.S is a grounding point where we can come together as a CBS family before we dive into the excitement of our evening program!


Sundays are special at CBS. As the sun beings to set over Lake Ted, everyone meets in their Sunday whites at the Amphitheater. Select staff members lead everyone in singing a handful of spiritual songs. Baseline commences with an inspirational message from a guest speaker about how Christ has impacted their lives.

Optional Late Night Worship

CBS offers an optional, intimate time of worship and fellowship together for any interested campers.

At Camp Balcones Springs, we grow joy and confidence while families recharge.

What has CBS meant to us? Where do I begin? CBS has given me and Doug the special time we needed to regroup and catch our breath. We’ve been able to enjoy vacations away and truly not worry about our children while spending quality time together. It allowed me the quiet time that I needed to reflect on what is important in my life. It’s made me appreciate, admire, and love my children more and more after each summer passed. CBS has blessed my children in ways that we never could and I will forever be grateful.

Sherry O.
Camper Parent