Monday, June 14th: Trolling Motor Boats & Glow-in-the-Dark Dances!

Balconessprings camp trollingmotorboats.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Greetings from another fun week at CBS! Here is a recap of Monday, June 14th – the start of our second week of Term 1.

This Monday morning started off with our typical routines, as campers trekked from Flag Pole to Team Comp to their first activities of the day. Today, the boy campers in B Compound’s Crockett cabin learned how to operate our trolling motor tiny boats on Lake Ted. These campers maneuvered all over the lake, trying out various speeds and traversing in different directions (the boats can go in reverse!). All of the campers caught on so quickly, and it was amazing to see how empowered they were guiding their own boats across the water. We’re sure the boats will quickly become a summer camp staple at CBS.

In today’s cooking class, some of our C Compound girl campers made yummy dessert pizzas – and we can’t stop thinking about them! All sorts of fruit and whipped toppings created a delicious – but healthy – snack, which is what we’re always on the lookout for here at camp.

Today also featured the roll-out of our famous Noah (the pup) plush toy in our Camp Store. Noah is one of Camp Balcones Springs’ most celebrated dogs, known especially for his tireless desire to fetch, over and over and still over again. Much like Noah when he runs after a ball, these pups were flying off the shelves in our Camp Store. We’re not sure how Noah feels about his newfound Camp Store fame – it seems he is most interested in whether or not his plush mini-mes are fetchable.

The night ended with our jungle-inspired glow-in-the-dark theme dance (Glow Wild). We spotted many animals on the dance floor, and those without a costume took advantage of our face-painting side activity to earn their stripes. Campers laughed, danced, and played into the evening. The night had a relaxed energy about it, fitting for just past the mid-way point of our first two-week session.