Monday, June 28th

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Monday, June 28th, was an all-around exciting day at CBS!

First off, we introduced a brand-new activity – a floating DIY spa on Lake Ted! Campers, counselors, and even Director Ms. Christine, made DIY avocado hair conditioner, honey and sea salt lip blams, jojoba oil facial massages, and shea butter cuticle conditioner! After pampering themselves completely, everyone jumped into the lake for a refreshing cleanse. :)

Down at the beach, one of our favorite camp activities is tie-dying! We’ve included a photo of some of our counselors and campers modeling their creations.

In other news, the Ladies Fitness Class hiked all the way to the top of our scenic overlook, the beautiful point on our property that looks out over Lake Travis.

During Oasis, the time of the day following Recharge (rest time) during which all of camp gathers for a snack and social visit, many campers choose to venture onto our multi-level Swiss Family Robinson treehouse to look out over the rest of camp gathered below.

We had some rain at camp, but thankfully, the storm was followed by a gorgeous rainbow – so we’re not complaining.

And of course, many campers made sure to carve some time into their Monday schedules for the very best part of camp – our three wonderful camp dogs – Lola, Charlotte, and Noah!

As we’ve mentioned before, it’s always great when some of our camp legends come to visit. This weekend, former Activities Director Martin Ramirez spent the weekend with us and was our Baseline speaker on Sunday.

Finally, we interrupted our night activity with the fan-favorite game, Mission Impossible!