Term 4 Updates!

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Greetings from Term 1!

So much is happening here at camp, we don’t know where to begin!

On Sunday, new campers were initiated into one of our four camp teams – The Texas Rangers and Rough Riders for the boys, and the Lone Stars and Silver Spurs for the girl campers. Campers will participate in daily competitions with their teams throughout the term, learning cheers and gearing up to compete in our end-of-term Amazing Raze event.

We’ve also been staying cool despite dining outside – our misters are doing the trick!

Meanwhile, several campers looking to avoid the heat have been learning to operate their own tiny trolling motorboats on Lake Ted! Others enjoyed waterside activities like canoeing and The Blob.

Today’s programming featured our appropriately timed Camp Olympics! Cabins were given 30 minutes to create a cabin theme, flag, and cheers. Opening ceremonies included the lighting of the Olympic torch, the athletes’ procession, the Olympic flame, and lots of fanfare! Campers competed in events like the Dr. Pepper chug, egg races, hula hooping, a blindfolded maze, corn hole throw, and scooter races.