Thursday, July 1st

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Thursday, July 1st, at CBS was an important day of the term: Team Spirit Comp Day! Every last Thursday of each session, one day before the Amazing Race, our four camp teams – the Texas Rangers, Rough Riders, Lone Stars, and Silver Spurs – gather together to perform three sets of two-minute-long group cheers to a judging panel. The winning teams are awarded a large chunk of points that contribute to the overall term point totals that give teams a head-start on Amazing Race day.

Sponsors – the counselors selected to represent each team as a sort of “mascot” for the duration of the term – spend many hours preparing for the morning of Team Spirit Comp. They write new cheers, design choreography, and most importantly, figure out how to involve every camper in their routines. On the morning of Team Spirit Comp, sponsors have 30 minutes to teach the new cheers and routines to the campers before performing for the judges.

Although everyone is motivated to win, Team Comp exists at Camp Balcones Springs to help campers understand how to win and lose gracefully. Five minutes after the competition, everyone joins together to reflect on the term and move forward in gratitude for being able to compete.

Friday, July 2nd, is Amazing Race day, the big, final Team Comp even of the term. Who will win?! We can’t wait to find out!