End of Term 4 & Summer 2021

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Greetings from Lola the pup’s depressed face and the first week post-camp. :(

We wanted to recap the close of Term 4 and our entire 2021 Summer before we take a break to reflect on the year and what’s to come in 2022.

First of all, we end Term 4 with the fan-favorite dance – Rodeo Roundup! Rodeo Roundup always reminds us of how wonderful it is that Camp Balcones Springs is a coed camp. Rodeo Roundup is often the first occasion on which campers will take part in some sort of couples’ dance – whether they master the art of two-stepping is of course another matter entirely. Being a coed camp allows us to cultivate a healthy environment that teaches campers of all genders to respect each other and build lasting friendships across traditional gender lines. It is so wholesome – and important – to see campers be around one another in a happy and non threatening way and share such meaningful experiences together – working on a team, having fun and dancing, or overcoming a fear or obstacle.

In all other ways as well, the Rodeo Roundup evening is truly magical! With hand-painted decorations and delicious traditional rodeo treats (like cotton candy and funnel cake), the dance is looked forward to throughout the term.

After Rodeo Roundup came Saturday and what was, of course, an emotional goodbye for our campers. We had yet to see some of the techniques campers used to remember their fellow campers’ names – we even had campers writing names on their legs due to lack of paper and pen!

(On that note, if any parents would like information pertaining to a particular cabin or camper so their camper/s can stay in touch, please do not hesitate to reach out. We can share relevant contact information once we receive permission from the requested camper/s or cabin.)

Term 4 was an incredible way to end our summer. Campers and staff alike exhibited so much happiness and unity throughout the session. Once our closing ceremonies ended on Saturday, we honored our counselors and leadership staff with an elegant four-course meal complete with sparkling apple cider.

Thank you, as always, for choosing to spend some of your precious summer weeks with us at Camp Balcones Springs! It is the greatest gift to spend time with your campers, and we are endlessly grateful.

We’ve included a list of questions below that you can ask your camper to learn more about their CBS Summer 2021 experience. See you next year!


Questions Parents Should Ask Campers on the Way Home from Camp

1) What was your favorite activity?

2) What’s one new thing you learned in survival skills?

3) What’s the name of a new friend you made? Where are they from? Were they in your cabin?

4) What was your favorite dance or nighttime activity?

5) What was the wildest costume you saw all week?

6) What’s your favorite Team Comp cheer?

7) How many times did you do the Blob? What about the Chaos?

8) What did you eat at your favorite meal?

9) What are you looking forward to most next summer?