A Spotlight on the Camp Balcones Springs Media Team

Today we will be spotlighting our talented camp media team – the folks responsible for all of the wonderful photos and videos you see on Waldo and Instagram – as well as discussing our cooking camp curriculum and Tuesday night’s activity – Compound Night!

The Camp Balcones Springs media team works hard each day of camp to not only capture photos of every camper and activity but also ensure they are posted to Waldo and Instagram so families can follow along with their campers. Our photographers and videographers also work to capture video content of all campers and activities that will later be edited into each term video. During Term 3, the media team staff members have even more on their plate, as they are tasked with filming and editing every cabin’s music video for our famed Music Video Awards night at the end of the term. Since they are such a crucial part of our camp team, we wanted to take a moment and introduce you to each of them.

Elijah Manship: “I’m Elijah Manship, I just graduated from Milligan University this spring with a double major in MultiMedia Journalism and Digital Media Production. CBS Is my first professional photography job and I’ve had a blast working with the rest of the media team and staff.”

Hadassah Jones: “Hello! My name is Hadassah Jones, and I am a senior at Georgia State University with a major in Film & Media! Working at CBS has truly changed my life for the better both professionally and personally. I’ve grown in my photography and videography skills, learned how to dance like no one is watching at Rodeo Roundup, made friends from all over the world, fallen in love with pa-zookies, and found a family like no other here at CBS!!!”

Drew Mcleod: “I’m Drew McLeod, and I will be a senior at Abilene Christian University this upcoming fall semester as a Digital Entertainment Technologies major. This summer has been one I’ll never forget, and I am forever grateful to CBS for such an opportunity!”

Scarlet Hobbs: “Howdy! I’m Scarlet Maclain and this is my second summer as a CBS photographer!! I just graduated from St. Edward’s University with a BFA in Photography and Media Arts! Camp is such a magical place and is the best place to have a job! I’m thankful to have the best media team ever!!!”

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication!! Camp wouldn’t be the same without you!

Campers have been hard at work in the kitchen this summer in our camp cooking classes! This summer’s menu studies Caribbean cuisine, and boys and girls have made Miami Vice mocktails, shrimp fritters, Johnny cakes (a type of sweet cake fritter), and S’mores pies! Needless to say, plates have been consistently cleaned!

After a day full of Tuesday activities, including boating on our Central Texas lake, rock-climbing, and arts and crafts, campers participated in Term 4’s Cabin Compound Night. Compound Nights are an opportunity for campers to hang out with the other young people in their age group. (“Compounds” are what we call each grouping of cabins on the Balcones Springs grounds, organized by age and gender.) Each term, our Leadership Compound Heads plan a litany of unique events for the campers in their compound to take part in on Compound Night, splitting off into B Compound (the youngest boy campers), C Compound (the youngest girl campers), D Compound (middle school girl campers), E Compound (middle school boy campers), and our High School Programs (Scampers, LTs, and the Work Crew).

This year’s line-up did not disappoint! B Compound (elementary school boy campers) hosted an epic water fight, complete with squirt guns, a slip n’ slide, dunking tubs, and water balloons.

Meanwhile, C Compound (elementary school girl campers) hosted an episode of Extreme Makeover: Disney Edition, working in teams to make-over their counselors into famous characters from Disney movies, including Rapunzel from Tangled, Sully from Monsters Inc., Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Elsa from Frozen. After the makeovers, each cabin presented their lovely counselor to a panel of judges for review. The judges gave out awards for Most Creative, Funniest, and Best Overall. The night was full of glitter, hair spray, lipstick, and of course, everyone’s favorite Disney tunes.

D Compound (middle school girl campers) had an exciting photo scavenger hunt across camp! Campers worked in cabin teams to capture photos of iconic camp landmarks and people – including our beloved camp dogs and full-time staff members – as the sun set.

E Compound (middle school boy campers) had a Counselor Hunt across a large section of our property. Counselors camouflaged themselves, and campers worked in teams with their cabins to find and capture their counselors and earn points.

High School campers (F Compound) enjoyed a relaxing beach party at Lake Ted’s Balcones Beach. The night consisted of an evening swim, grilled snacks, a giant Jenga game, frozen slushies, sand volleyball, and cool music.

Visit our camp Waldo page to see photos from every age group’s Compound Night!