Camp Balcones Springs Music Video Awards

Today we will be talking about the Music Video Awards, one of the most unique and celebrated traditions for kids at Camp Balcones Springs!

Every summer, during Term 3 (our three-week session) only, we celebrate the CBS Music Video Awards, or MVAs. During the three weeks of summer camp, boys and girls work with their cabin mates and counselors to develop an idea for a music video they will script, direct, and film to be edited by our outstanding camp media team. Boys and girls work with their cabinnmates and counselors to choose a song, develop a concept and narrative structure, write a script, plan costumes and direction, and even fill out a storyboard sheet to be delivered to the talented camera staff who will be shooting with them. Each cabin has a dedicated shooting time scheduled in the second week of camp during which they film the footage needed for their video. Then, our media team works long hours to edit the footage together, following the instructions and creative vision provided by each cabin. Once all the videos are ready, our full-time staff has a private viewing session where we decide which films should receive accolades for their accomplishments – be that creativity, teamwork, humor, or simply editor’s choice.

After the selections have been made (but before they are revealed!), kids and counselors gather together for our own version of the Oscars – a true red carpet event! Boys and girls don their finest apparel – tuxes, suits, ball gowns, and the like – and are picked up by our special camp bus limo services to be dropped off at our very own CBS red carpet where they sign autographs and are interviewed by our on-the-ground reporters. Then, everyone gathers in the Rio Grande Dining Hall for the main event – the Music Video Awards ceremony! Campers are entertained by our lovely staff hosts as they watch everyone’s video by cabin group. We then announce awards for Best Boys and Girls videos, Funniest Videos, Editor’s Choice, and Best Overall Videos. Kids are often so proud of their accomplishments and will come back the following year determined to deliver yet another hit video – much like how esteemed directors are dedicated to making hit after hit!

Here are some highlights from our editors regarding this year’s Music Video Awards at Camp Balcones Springs. All Term 3 families will receive copies of the music videos with their term videos!

“Our Editor’s Choice Award went to the cabin whose video was the most memorable during the editing process. Us as a media team put in so many hours to edit each music video to the standards of each cabin. During our long haul to the finish line of the MVA night, we found ourselves hunched over our computers into the wee hours of the morning. It was during this time that we found ourselves laughing so hard that tears were rolling down our faces from a certain video. It was this video that, after we finished the night, we were still talking about. That video belonged to Stinson cabin!”

“I knew the Work Crew Boys were going to come in with ambitious ideas because of their big win last year. When they told me they wanted to do a Fortnite film using locations from camp, I was overwhelmed with how I would pull it off, but the boys put their trust in me and with the help of their amazing attitudes and trust we made something super funny and memorable. I was very thankful to have this group of buoys with me for this video, and they said from the beginning they wanted to be very involved in the process – for concept, filming, and editing they wanted to help with it all. Being that there were only three of them, it was nice to have them pop into the office and ask questions about what they could help with. The video proved to be one of the most time-consuming to create, but I am so happy with how it turned out and was so grateful to see their reaction to it in the end!”

“The Work Crew Girls MVA entry was influenced by YouTube videos, funny skits, and camp-related inside jokes. It was amazing to film, as the girls planned the whole thing on their own and worked really hard to include other campers and staff in their video. The editing process was the most fun, as I was able to challenge myself in adding graphics and making the finished product the longest MVA video this year! The WC girls’ video won Best Overall, and I couldn’t have been prouder of both them and the rest of the media team for the work that went into filming it.”

“Fannin cabin was my favorite to film. Their plan was to create a sequel to their music video from last year, which is always a fun idea and well-received by all of the returning campers and staff. The boys were focused and dedicated while also being able to listen to each other’s input and share their creative vision. Thanks to that focus, the video turned out great! The video follows the mob boss from last year, Shamaymay, and his gang as he takes revenge on those who tried to lock him up.”

We are continually amazed by the creativity, teamwork, talent, and passion of our campers during every year’s MVA ceremony, and we are so grateful for the hard work of our dedicated camp media team!