Night Team Comp - Camp Basketball Game

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Today we’re discussing how we are coping with the intense heat here at camp, as well as our epic Night Team Comp basketball game with the eldest boy campers!

As many of you know, those of us in Central Texas are experiencing record-high temperatures this summer. We wanted to assure parents that we are taking many steps to deal with the intense heat, lengthening our free swim times, making sure campers are inside in the air-conditioning during the hottest parts of the day, and having ample cold water available all over our property. We also have many shaded areas – both covered sports courts and many trees throughout our property – that enable campers to find relief from the sun. Despite the heat, boys and girls remain resilient and are loving every moment of summer camp!

After a day of activities – tubing on the lake, riding horses, and archery target practice, to name just a few – campers assembled for Saturday night’s main event – Night Team Comp! For Night Team Comp, all campers participate in a range of competitive games across the property, competing to earn points for their respective teams (the Texas Rangers, Rough Riders, Lonestars, and Silver Spurs) leading up to the term championship. The night culminates in the Scamper (Senior Camper) basketball game played between the Texas Ranger Scamper boys and the Rough Rider Scamper boys in our Hippodrome basketball arena.

Term 3’s Night Team Comp began with a spectacular performance by soprano Georgia Garner who sang the national anthem! Then, it was off to the races with one of the most exciting basketball games we’ve had here at Camp Balcones Springs, played by boy campers from Goliad and Scurry cabins (with a couple additions to round out the rosters). The game started with the Rough Riders jumping out to the quick 4-0 lead, but the first half would end up all Texas Rangers from then on out. Led by Achilles Guinn, Tanner Hadden, and Patricio Gonzalez, the Rangers took an 8-point lead into halftime, with a score of 16-8. The crowd was entertained with an exciting halftime dance performed by the 30 members of the camp leadership and fulltime teams. The Women’s Fitness class joined in, stealing the show with their Zumba dance to the song, “Level Up.”

Once the boys were back on the court, the momentum started to shift during the third quarter, as Malakai Riley, Ayden Green, and Finley Adrian began a comeback for the Rough Riders, cutting the lead down to 5 by the start of the fourth quarter. The Riders continued to charge, getting the lead down to 4 with 4 minutes left to play. Then, Achilles extended the lead back to 6 with 2 minutes left, grabbing his tenth offensive rebound of the night and putting it back up and in to score. However, the Riders still weren’t finished. With 30 seconds left, Finley was fouled while shooting a three, and as cool as the other side of the pillow, Finley knocked down all three foul shots, making it a one-possession ball game. The Texas Rangers were fouled and had a free throw roll just off the front of the rim, giving the Riders 8 seconds left and a chance to tie. After drawing up a play in the huddle, the Riders made it all the way down to the top of the key, but the Rangers swarmed, not allowing the Riders to get off one last shot as time expired. The Rangers ended up taking home a victory in an incredible game that truly brought the house down!