Discoteca Nights in San Miguel + Mission Impossible

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Last night, we celebrated Mexican heritage by bringing San Miguel to CBS with a discoteca glow celebration!

We kicked off the night with a song filled SOS, complete with a skit and laughs. Then, campers moved to the Rose Garden to find a group of mariachis serenading away in the Rose Garden. Our Mexican campers and counselors helped curate Mexican delicacies like a churro bar with nutella and toppings, Mexican street corn, and popular Mexican candies. They also helped facilitate cultural activities like dart balloons, lotterilla, and even a photo booth with custom made Mojiangas (i.e. giant paper mache dolls!). The dolls were reincarnations of our Camp Director Maggie and full time staff Diego, which naturally was a huge hit with the campers.

Once campers had their share of delicious treats and activities, they made their way into the Rio for the discoteca DANCE PARTY which felt like campers were stepping onto the set of the movie “Coco”! Think: strobe lights, neon colors, and a DJ booth. Campers danced the night away to Latina beats and camp dance classics. Just as the party was hitting its peak, the room went black, the music stopped…. and “DUN DUN DU DU DUN DUN” (read: Mission Impossible theme song) rang throughout the Rio. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE NIGHT WAS UNDERWAY!!! The spies had arrived to take over camp and campers needed to run back to their cabin to change into their camouflage gear and complete the mission at hand!

Whispers of when Mission impossible would happen were everywhere this week. Would it be Tuesday? No, that’s discoteca. Wednesday? No, it was Wednesday last year! Needless to say, campers were shocked, excited, and fired up all at once. Huge congrats to Houston Cabin for bringing home the W and saving CBS from the spies!!!