Mission Impossible, Etiquette Class, & More!

The week’s activities started off welcoming Health Coach Megan Brown to speak with our 16 and 17-year-old girls to give tips on hydration and nutrition as they prep for college.

Several younger girls’ cabins took part in an etiquette class, which of course included munching on delicious cucumber sandwiches and scones while they had fun learning proper techniques for fine dining.

Meanwhile, in our Surival Skills classes, campers mastered active and passive emergency visual signaling, audio signaling using SOS, and direction finding using a compass.

The younger boys practiced safe bushcraft knife handling and basic knife skills and learned how to tie flyfishing knots, while the girls minor class went over self defense skills, emphasizing leverage and redirection using jiujitsu techniques.

Our camp dogs were treated to a relaxing bath courtesy of our younger girl campers!

Tuesday night, everyone’s attention was on our Senior Camper Girls as they played in the Gameday Flag Football game, Lone Stars vs. Silver Spurs. The game started off with a bang as Lauchley Johnson took the opening handoff 60 yards for a touchdown. The Spurs, led by Emerson Chadwick, battled back, and by halftime it was 19-12 Lone Stars. The second half continued the fun as both teams traded touchdowns under an epic sunset. The Lone Stars ended up pulling away late with the help of Riley Kane’s 3 touchdowns to win by 15. To everyone’s surprise, the post-game celebration was abruptly halted for camp’s most epic event: Mission Impossible!!