Term 2 - LET'S GO!

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Term 2 has kicked off with a whole lotta PHUN! On Sunday night, we began camp with our classic camp tradition – team initiation – where old campers put on their red, green, purple, or blue to welcome rookies into the CBS fold as Texas Rangers, Rough Riders, Silver Spurs, or Texas Rangers.

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Tuesday night was Compound Night where boy campers and girl campers got to know their respective age groups through PHUN programming, like an epic water balloon fight and slip n’ slide for our younger boys and an around the world food tour for our young campers (think: candy sushi, marshmallow igloos, and passports).

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Campers also welcomed our latest, cutest addition to the CBS pup squad: LEO! Leo is an English Cocker Spaniel and is only 8 weeks old. He’s loving all the love and affection campers are giving him, and joined campers for Ted Phun and Oasis on Wednesday.

Last night, we were supposed to have Mardi Gras Night, but the thunderstorm had other plans, so we pivoted to movie night in the Rio! Rainy camp nights are always cozy, and we are grateful for the rain as it helped ease the heat wave. Campers are keeping cool with skiing at Lake Joy, Pool swims, and Ted Phun!