Women's/Men's Dinner, Night Team Comp, & More!

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What a weekend! Campers are in the swing of camp as they wrapped up their first week. Luckily, the heat has broken slightly and campers are staying cool with lots of water time!
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On Friday night, we celebrated “Man’s Dinner” at boys camp. Everyone gathered for a great meal of sausage, ribs, wings, and rolls. Naturally, there wasn’t a shirt or utensil in sight, which naturally led to a classic food fight! Camp-wide capture the flag was next, and the Texas Rangers won the best of three series! The night concluded with a movie and ice cream sundae buffet.

On the other side of camp, the ladies enjoyed an evening at the beach for Girl’s Cookout. The night kicked off with Paint Wars with the Lone Stars securing the W. After getting covered from head to toe in paint, the girls came down to the beach for some swimming and dinner hot off the grill. Hot dogs, personal pizzas, and s’mores fueled Girls Camp up for our annual Chili Cook-off and Cheer-off. While the competition was tight and there were many tasty/innovative Chili concoctions, Long Cabin clinched the overall win, coming in first place for both their chili and their cheer. Honorable mentions went out to Ladybird Cabin for their superb chili and Work Crew for their enthusiastic cheer.

On Saturday, Angelina girls helped beautify our adult counselors, Brian and Griffin, during Etiquette Class. They primped and exfoliated these very patient young men’s faces, leaving their skin dewy and glowing. Brian and Griffin were immersed in their meditative states as four little girls poked and prodded their faces. They even got a gorgeous manicure to top off the spa treatment!

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We also had our favorite zumba teacher out to camp for a high energy, fun, and challenging Zumba class for our fitness ladies! The air conditioned exercise pavilion was jam packed with campers and everyone participated. One camper exclaimed - "I don't even like exercising and that was SO FUN!"

On Saturday night, all of camp gathered at the basketball court to cheer on our teen boys in a Rough Riders versus Texas Rangers Team Comp Basketball Game! The Riders started off hot, taking an 8-0 lead. However, the Rangers came back and only trailed by two at the half. Defense was the story of the second half, as both teams struggled to break each other’s presses. However, with one minute left, the Riders had an 18-16 lead and the ball. The Rangers came up with a crucial steal and with 12 seconds left, Will Callahan was forced to launch a 3 point shot from nearly half court. Much to The Riders dismay, the ball went through the hoop for the game-winning shot, giving the Rangers a 19-18 victory!!! The Lonestars and Rangers stormed the court with excitement! It was an ELECTRIC game and one of the most exciting games in Scamper Team Comp history.

Sundays are slightly different from the standard camp day, and they are like this by design so we can recharge our batteries for the upcoming week. We have a later breakfast so campers can sleep in (Krispy Kreme Donuts - hello!) and then Baseline (church) where we sing songs and reflect on God. Jose Avila, former counselor and now the National Director of Financial Literacy & Alumni Funding for Idea Public Schools, was our speaker at baseline. He spoke about this summer’s theme - “Rejoice!” - and how it’s important to celebrate the big moments in life, as these are the ones that can fuel your passions and alter your path. He spoke about how his friend’s dad helped him apply to college at The University of Texas A&M, which was something he had never considered before as no one in his family had ever attended college. Sure enough, this moment altered his life forever, because three months later, he was admitted to A&M, and he went on to be a teacher at Teach for America. This singular moment when his friend’s dad inspired him to apply launched Jose’s career into education so he too could help other low-income kids consider opportunites that seem out of reach.