Term 3: Disney Come to Life!

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Disney came alive at Camp Balcones Springs Tuesday night with our very own Animal Kingdom, Star Wars Galaxy, Magic Castle, and even a CBS Epcot Ball! What really brought the magic to camp, however, were the amazing costumes brought by all the campers and counselors. Everyone looked like they had stepped straight out of a Disney movie (including many Marvel superheroes).

Boys and girls made their own Mickey Mouse cupcakes at the Magic Kingdom and autograph-books signed by Disney characters. Over in the villains layer, Ursula was featured on her throne delivering “poison apples” to the kids (in other words, a caramel apple station). Across the theme park in Animal kingdom nestled near the Tree of Life, campers were able to enjoy a Disney Staple – Dole Whip! As they enjoyed their Dole Whip, boys and girls could watch other campers climb through the laser obstacle course over in the Star Wars Galaxy park!

In True Disney fashion, we had to end the night with a show. All of camp gathered down at the lake across from Balcones Beach and waited in great anticipation. Once the spotlight hit the lake, boys and girls could see a series of Disney characters appear one-by-one to their own musical number to famous Disney songs! When the spotlight hit Jasmine and Aladdin, they were paddling on their magic carpet; Belle and the Beast were dancing on the floating dock, and the Pirates of the Carribbean had a celebratory number up on the rope swing platform, just to mention a few! The finale featured Tinkerbell souring across the lake through the night sky off of the camp zipline with fireworks closing the show behind her. With a lot of excitement and a little Disney magic, it’s safe to say the evening was one for the ages!