Term 3: Happy Fourth!

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Welcome Term 3 Campers! We’ve had quite the exciting start to our third session at Camp Balcones Springs, beginning with our fantastic Fourth of July celebrations!

Camp Fourth of July celebrations began during Phunanza, our free period that occurs at the end of each activity day before dinner. Campers gathered to watch a special July 4th parade march through our campgrounds. Our camp firetruck, golf carts, and other Balcones Springs vehicles were decorated in stars and stripes, and our staff threw candy – and some water balloons! – to the eager bystanders watching along the parade route. The parade concluded with a mobile pie-eating contest on the back of one of our trailers – a camp favorite!

After a delicious fried chicken dinner, boys and girls headed to the baseball field where we had set up several inflatables for an epic Fourth of July carnival! Campers took part in inflatable jousting and ventured down a giant inflatable slide. Dessert included an American flag cake and root beer floats. Campers enjoyed their snacks from the bleachers as they cheered on the LTs and Work Crew campers – our high school-aged boys and girls – in an epic July 4th kickball game. Some campers also took part in a Tug-o-War competition, and the USA team was declared victorious at halftime!

After the kickball game, everyone gathered on the soccer fields for an incredible firework show. Many thought the evening would end there – but they were wrong! Once the last firework went off, the Mission Impossible theme music started to play, and all of camp cheered in excitement! Mission Impossible is one of the most coveted Camp Balcones Springs events and always happens spontaneously and when campers – and staff – least expect it. Each cabin is given a map and instructions to locate glow sticks hidden throughout the campgrounds. Next, it’s a race against the clock – and each other! – to find the glow sticks and return to home base as quickly as possible. Campers were met with an array of team challenges and water balloons on their missions, and Fannin and Scurry cabins were the first to reach the finishline.

Term 3 is off to such an exciting start – we can’t wait to see what happens next!