Term 3: NOLA comes to CBS, Women's Dinner, & More!

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Last night’s Mardi Gras dance was one for the ages! The night began with a one of kind Bayou themed dinner including gumbo, jambalaya, and fried okra paired with white rice, and house made corn bread! The meal was truly Southern comfort food at its finest. After dinner, kids went to flagpole where our boys counselors surprised all of camp with a skit where “crawfish” (i.e. counselors dressed/painted head to toe in red)ran for their lives from an angry chef wielding a skillet to “boil” the crawfish! Let’s just say the crawfish and the chef were both left to “boil” in the fishing pond for all of camp to see!

Campers second lined their way to the French Quarter where we served homemade beignets and bananas foster for dessert. Thematic activities included mini king cake decorating,toss the baby in the king cake, and float decorating. We topped off the night by dancing the night away to lively what felt like a true recreation of the Crescent City!

On Thursday night, our ladies celebrated being women with the classic, all time favorite: Woman’s Dinner! Woman’s Dinner is all about getting cozy with your gals in PJs and indulging in delicious food like grilled bacon wrapped shrimp, watermelon basil salad, potstickers, spinach tartlets and made-to-order gourmet pizzas. After sufficiently stuffing your faces with this elevated camp food, leadership continued the tradition of serving the “dirt” dessert (i.e. crushed oreos mixed with ice cream in a potter + a cute gerber daisy on top) to the Disney song “Be Our Guest” (Work Crew gets to take a night off from cleaning on Woman’s Night!). The rest of the night involves dancing, singing, and watching a feel food woman’s empowerment movie under the stars. In keeping with the night’s theme, Christine inspired our girls campers with a quote from our beloved Taylor Swift: “Never be so polite, you forget your power. Never wield such power, you forget to be polite.” It was a night we’ll never forget!!!

Campers are enjoying their activites and are staying cool! Highlight activites include: fort building in Survival Skills, wakeboarding / skiing on Lake Travis (the conditions are PERFECT!), and lots of lake/pool time!