That's A Wrap T3! MVAs, Rodeo Round Up & The Amazing Race!

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How have these three weeks flown by so quickly?! we can't believe our T3 campers are leaving us today :( Nonetheless, we've wrapped up the term with a bang this week. We celebrated our annual Music Video Awards (MVAs) where each cabin's short film/music video production is featured in a Grammys-like Awards Show. Think: Red Carpet, paparazzis, specialty mocktails, celebs sitings, and everyone dressed to the NINES! We topped off the term with our classics - The Amazing Race and Rodeo Round Up. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous three weeks. We will miss our T3 campers!

The night started off with VIP door-to-door transportation from campers’ cabins to the Red Carpet so they could keep their looks/outfits pristine. Then,our VIP campers strutted the red carpet as they were bombarded by popperazzi and fans asking for autographs. After cooling off in the Rose Garden over some specialty mocktails, campers made their way to the Live Oak for a formal candlelit dinner where MVAs guests luxuriated in the AC and dined on delicious beef tenderloin. The night was just beginning! After dinner, campers went to the Rio Grande for the opening act. MVAs 2023 hosts were Girls and Boys Camp Directors and dynamic duo, Cate and Joshua, who set the tone for the evening, roasting beloved counselors and honoring special celeb guests like the Kardashians and Jared Leto. Check out the awards section below for our MVAs 2023 winners of the evening!

Cutest: Porter; Funniest: Lower Thicket; Most Chaotic: WC Boys; Best Reality: Coleman; Best Girls Camp: O’Connor; Best Boys Camp: Beticheck; Best Overall: Fannin; Best Actor: Graham (Fannin); Best Actress: Aaliyah Duncan (O’Connor); Editor’s Choice: Webb; Director’s Choice: Scurry.

The Amazing Race was one of the closest we have ever seen here at CBS! The Rough Riders and Silver Spurs came in with a 14 second lead courtesy of their points earned throughout the term. However, the Texas Rangers and Lone Stars powered through and tied the race after the mini gauntlet. The Riders and Spurs held on to a one person lead through most of the race, until the Rangers and Stars pulled it even at punt pass and kick. Then, heading into the famous gauntlet (led by our Senior Campers), the race was neck and neck. Both teams took turns taking the lead. We even got some rare “double slides” as both runners were on the slip and slide at the same time. Finally, the Riders and Spurs pulled away on the final runner, winning by a mere 1.3 seconds. Saying it was an epic Amazing Race is an understatement!

And last but certainly not least, we celebrated Rodeo Round Up on our final eve of camp. Each term, there are whispers about who is going to take who to Rodeo Round Up. Some campers ask a date, and some choose to go stag with their fellow cabin mates. Either way, this evening of line dancing under the stars at our barn has the most lovely, wholesome vibe to it. The night feels a little bittersweet - one moment a country balad like Heros & Friends has you feeling teary about camp ending, and the next moment Taylor Swift’s Love Story has you joyfully screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs! The night ends with a ceremonious walk back to the cabin with fireworks to light the way, allowing campers to reflect on all of their special memories from these past three weeks. We have had the most special term, and we cannot wait to have our T3 campers back next year!