Woman's/Man's Dinner, Chili Cook-Off, & More!

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What a week we've had! On Thursday night, we celebrated one of our favorite most highly-rated activities at CBS: Women’s Dinner. Each term, girl campers get the entire front property to themselves for an elegant evening of fine dining, inspirational learning, dancing, and bonding with their fellow cabinmates and counselors. The night begins when girl campers gather in our Rio Grande Dining Hall in their pajamas. Tiaras are available at every table (though by no means required!) as campers gather with their cabins to feast on an array of fancy appetizers – shrimp kabobs, cheese boards, and fruit plates, just to name a few! The evening’s main course consists of chef-special arisan pizzas made-to-order for each cabin. Campers dance and sing along to hits like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and enjoy the fan-favorite “Dirt” dessert cups (chocolate ice cream with oreos and gummy worms) to cap off the meal.

GIRLS CAMP VERSION OF FRIDAY NIGHT: Girls camp executed an epic prank replacing the MANS Dinner ritual with a hyper-girly twist. Girs camp swapped out the turkey legs and ribs on parchment paper with fuschia table cloths decorated with dainty tiered vessels, pink cupcakes, unicorn petit fours and heart shaped cookies. Glitter explosions marked the boys entrance as they went into the Rio Grande! The boys were first confused, and then ENRAGED as they realized the insidious prank. The prank did not stop there – the boys’ camp director, Joshua, had been captured (handcuffed and blindfolded) and was being taken away from the premises! Miraculously, Joshua’s brute strength set him free and he grabbed the platters of “Manly” food and ran back to his beloved Boys Camp! Man’s Dinner was saved! We were back to regularly scheduled programming: food fights, ribs, etc. All seemed normal until the movie - Barbie flashed across the screen … GIRLS camp had the last word!

BOYS CAMP VERSION OF FRIDAY NIGHT: Friday night started off with girls camp attempting to rob Man’s Dinner. They brought pink and pastries into our humble dinner and then attempted to steal our classic ribs. However, the boys quickly flipped the script (and tables), taking back the night. The trays of meat were reclaimed and the boys enjoyed delicious baby back ribs, sausage, chicken wings, and rolls. Murmurs of a boys camp retaliation have begun. Girls camp can only hope the fire truck isn’t involved…

Then, as all good meals go, a massive food fight commenced. When the wreckage was over, the boys spread out all over camp to play camp wide capture the flag, Rough Riders vs Texas Rangers. The game went three rounds, but ultimately the Rough Riders claimed victory, earning 5 team comp points. The boys then showered and met for a movie and snacks. Despite girls camps best efforts, the boys had a blast and look forward to the future prank war. Boys Camp ended the night victoriously.

Saturday was jam-packed with activity. Ladies fitness hiked to scenic overlook - a 2.5 mile hike to a view overlooking Lake Travis where they enjoyed fruit cups and iced lavender towels. After a day of full of camper-favorite activities, our campers assembled for Saturday night’s main event – Night Team Comp! For Night Team Comp, all campers participate in a range of competitive games across the property, competing to earn points for their respective teams (the Texas Rangers, Rough Riders, Lonestars, and Silver Spurs) leading up to the term championship. The night culminates in the Scamper (Senior Camper) basketball game played between the Texas Ranger Scamper boys and the Rough Rider Scamper boys in our Hippodrome basketball arena (the eldest girl campers play a flag football game during another evening of camp, to equal fanfare and enthusiasm). The Texas Rangers, led by Drake Dickey and Patricio Gonzalez, started the game off hot, taking a quick 15-2 lead. Drake led the way with 3 early three pointer. However, the Rough Riders, led by Nate Schmidt and Adam Gravelle, battled back. The Riders cut the lead to single digits at half. However, the second half turned the tide for the Rangers, getting the lead to 12 and keeping it there for most of the way. Threes were traded on numerous occasions - the crowd erupted with applause! The Rangers held off the final Rider push, dribbling out the clock to take home a 45-29 victory!