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Term 4, Week 2 Recap: Sunday Baseline, Nights in San Miguel, & Camp Game Day!

On Sunday, girls, boys, and counselors put on their brightest whites and gathered in our lakeside amphitheater for our camp church service known as Baseline. This term’s Baseline speaker was Father Steve, a camp legend since 2010. Father Steve was the priest at St. Austin’s in downtown Austin, Texas, from 2008-2015. He then moved to New York and now resides in California. Father Steve focused his sermon on our camp verse, Philippians 4:4,5,7. In his sermon, he spoke of the difference between happiness and joy. While happiness and joy are both positive feelings, we derive these sensations from very different... Read more.

Horseback Camp Program + a Dr. Seuss Dance!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we will be giving a brief overview of our camp horseback program, as well as highlighting Wednesday night’s Dr. Seuss-themed camp dance - Seussical! The equestrian program at CBS is open to both boy campers and girl campers of all ages and is run by our fantastic Horseback Director Tiffany Janke. According to Tiffany, “As the Horseback Director, I pride myself in providing a safe and fun learning environment for campers to foster and grow their love for horses. A great deal of preparation goes into each class of campers, from getting information... Read more.

Planting A Seed

A lot of people do not know this about me, but I love to garden! I love all parts of the process – prepping the earth for planting, watching the seedlings turn into plants, and seeing flowers bloom or harvesting vegetables. What I love most about gardening is that every year is different. Some years, you might have the most beautiful garden with the best flowers and the biggest vegetables, while other years may yield smaller crops or a less colorful palette of florals. One year, I remember planting watermelon seeds that were supposed to be epically large. I did... Read more.