Safety and Health Care

The safety and health of your camper is a primary concern at camp. We have two registered nurses on site at all times. Our camp doctor is always on call and makes visits out to camp several times a week. In the event of an emergency, a hospital is located just 25 minutes away. Parents will be notified if their camper needs outside medical attention.

Camp physicians and nurses dispense medications daily to campers during each mealtime as well as before bedtime. Medication, both prescription and over-the-counter, must be checked in with the nurse at the time of registration. The nurses and your child’s counselors will help to see that your camper is receiving his/her medication at the proper times.

If you have any questions concerning camper medical care or if you are interested in physician or nursing opportunities at Camp Balcones Springs, please contact our camp nurse at:

American Camping Assocation (ACA)

Camp Balcones Springs is an American Camp Association accredited camp. In order to achieve this status, a camp must undergo a rigorous, multi-day inspection, with over 400 line-item requirements to ensure that the camp is meeting its established standards.

To learn more about the American Camp Association and the ACA accreditation please visit the American Camp Association website at