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A Stable Introduction: Part 2

A few weeks ago, we introduced the leader of the Camp Balcones Springs Horseback Department, Tiffany Janke, and told of her journey from childhood horse girl to experienced equestrian and animal nutritionist. This week, we are introducing a few of Tiffany’s most important co-workers – the CBS horses themselves! Read more.

A Stable Introduction

Over the next several weeks, we will introduce the Camp Balcones Springs Horseback Department through a series of blog posts. One of our most sought-after camp offerings, the horseback program is steadied by an innovative and well-rounded curriculum, a fleet of trusty steeds, and our charismatic and experienced director, Tiffany Janke. Today, we’re going to give you a look into the mind and background of Tiffany, Camp Balcones Springs’ resident equestrian expert. At the reins of the horseback program – pun intended – is Tiffany Janke. Tiffany hails from Leon Valley, Texas, just northwest of San Antonio. When she was... Read more.

Planting A Seed

A lot of people do not know this about me, but I love to garden! I love all parts of the process – prepping the earth for planting, watching the seedlings turn into plants, and seeing flowers bloom or harvesting vegetables. What I love most about gardening is that every year is different. Some years, you might have the most beautiful garden with the best flowers and the biggest vegetables, while other years may yield smaller crops or a less colorful palette of florals. One year, I remember planting watermelon seeds that were supposed to be epically large. I did... Read more.

What Happens When the Plug Never Comes Out?

“The Social Dilemma” and Summer Camp’s Role in a Technology-Hooked World Even if they may look different this year, the holidays usually find us spending more dedicated time with family than our normal routines allow. However, that also means it’s the time of year when our reliance on technology – especially that of children and teenagers – is typically the most glaring. How many times have you sat down at the dinner table and had to remind your child (or yourself!) to turn off their phone? Or missed the joy of witnessing someone unwrap a present because you were too... Read more.

Spring Update

Hello Camp Balcones Springs Families! Wow – what a truly unbelievable time we are living in. We could have never imagined that our first CBS blog post of 2020 would be written to you from quarantine, the new normal in which we face unprecedented changes to our daily lives and look ahead to summer with so much uncertainty. All of us here at camp remain safe and healthy, isolated together with the backdrop of camp as our playground. We’re all extremely thankful to be able to isolate together, in the company of friends and co-workers and in the beautiful Hill... Read more.