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Monday, June 14th: Trolling Motor Boats & Glow-in-the-Dark Dances!

Greetings from another fun week at CBS! Here is a recap of Monday, June 14th – the start of our second week of Term 1. This Monday morning started off with our typical routines, as campers trekked from Flag Pole to Team Comp to their first activities of the day. Today, the boy campers in B Compound’s Crockett cabin learned how to operate our trolling motor tiny boats on Lake Ted. These campers maneuvered all over the lake, trying out various speeds and traversing in different directions (the boats can go in reverse!). All of the campers caught on so... Read more.

At 29, my best friends are my Camp Balcones Springs friends

By: Annabelle Baskin, former camper and counselor Throughout my life, I’ve spent many minutes that have turned to hours thinking about friendship - what it means, whether I’m good at it, how much do I have of it, and in such a strange and isolated time, how much I miss the ones I rarely get to see. Lucky for me, I have always had many “pods” of friends, small groups of roughly 2-4 friends from different occasions in life ranging from high school, to college, to adulthood. Each of my pods serves different needs or holds different keys to my... Read more.

A Stable Introduction: Part 2

A few weeks ago, we introduced the leader of the Camp Balcones Springs Horseback Department, Tiffany Janke, and told of her journey from childhood horse girl to experienced equestrian and animal nutritionist. This week, we are introducing a few of Tiffany’s most important co-workers – the CBS horses themselves! Read more.

A Stable Introduction

Over the next several weeks, we will introduce the Camp Balcones Springs Horseback Department through a series of blog posts. One of our most sought-after camp offerings, the horseback program is steadied by an innovative and well-rounded curriculum, a fleet of trusty steeds, and our charismatic and experienced director, Tiffany Janke. Today, we’re going to give you a look into the mind and background of Tiffany, Camp Balcones Springs’ resident equestrian expert. At the reins of the horseback program – pun intended – is Tiffany Janke. Tiffany hails from Leon Valley, Texas, just northwest of San Antonio. When she was... Read more.

Planting A Seed

A lot of people do not know this about me, but I love to garden! I love all parts of the process – prepping the earth for planting, watching the seedlings turn into plants, and seeing flowers bloom or harvesting vegetables. What I love most about gardening is that every year is different. Some years, you might have the most beautiful garden with the best flowers and the biggest vegetables, while other years may yield smaller crops or a less colorful palette of florals. One year, I remember planting watermelon seeds that were supposed to be epically large. I did... Read more.