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Girls Cookout, Boys Cookout, & Night Team Comp at Summer Camp!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we are going to talk about Boys and Girls Cookouts and our epic Night Team Comp event! For the past two blogs, we’ve discussed two of our favorite summer camp traditions – Women’s Dinner and Men’s Dinner. You may be wondering, then – what exactly do girl campers and boy campers do when those respective events are taking place? Well, we have your answers! During Women’s Dinner, boy campers participate in Boys Cookout, and during Men’s Dinner, girl campers take part in Girls Cookout. For the former (Boys Cookout), boy campers gathered in... Read more.

Men's Dinner & Camp Survival Skills Course

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we are going to discuss Friday’s Men’s Dinner event and the evolution of our highly-touted Survival Skills class at camp. After activities ended on Friday, boy campers gathered at the front of camp for one of our most epic camp traditions – Men’s Dinner! The first part of the evening saw the return of our popular Capture the Flag event. Campers split into teams and covered the top 20-acres of camp property on the quest for each other’s flags. After the game had finished, campers joined in a friendly food fight (soft foods... Read more.

Women's Dinner & Camp Director Luke Benton

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we are going to highlight Thursday’s elegant Women’s Dinner theme night and all of the wonderful things our director Luke Benton is bringing to CBS to make us the best summer camp for kids in Texas! One of the most popular events at CBS that makes us a sought-after summer camp for girls is our Women’s Dinner event. Each term, girl campers get the entire front property to themselves for an elegant evening of fine dining, inspirational learning, and bonding with their fellow girl cabinmates and counselors. The night begins when girl campers... Read more.

Summer Camp Cuisine + A Seussical Evening!

Today on the blog, we want to take a moment to highlight the mastermind behind our legendary camp food – Chef Abigail! Chef Abigail is an innovative and brilliant chef who has been whipping up healthy and tasty recipes with fresh ingredients straight from the Camp Balcones Springs garden! In Chef Abigail’s words, “I’m a firm believer in, and there’s a quote that’s already out there that says, ‘let food be thy medicine.’ I like to give the kids what they want, but also what they need while allowing them to try new things.” We love Chef Abigail here at... Read more.

Cabin Compound Night!

The fun continues on our second full day of summer camp at CBS! Today, older girl campers had the opportunity to partake in our cooking class, whipping up the same Caribbean fare mentioned yesterday. We’ve included photos of the recipes to give you a better idea of just how tasty these dishes are! After a day full of activities, including boating on the lake, rock-climbing, and arts and crafts, campers participated in the first Compound Night of the summer. Compound Nights are an opportunity for campers to hang out with the other young people in their age group. (“Compounds” are... Read more.