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All of the lastest news from camp during the summer and beyond.

Friday, June 25th

Friday, June 25th, started with Fratboy Friday, a new theme day created by Blanton Cabin in the spirit of our famous Tutu Tuesday. Blanton campers donned backwards hats and struck funny poses reminiscent of college jocks. In our ceramics major, girl campers created beads that they will be able to use to make jewelry. The campers designed, molded, and then fired their beads in the camp kiln! In our Ropes activity, boy campers climbed the pamper pole, our tallest structure. After ascending metal rungs attached to a tall wooden pole (all while harnessed in of course), campers try to stand... Read more.

Opening Day Term 2!

Happy Term Two! Term Two’s opening day this Sunday featured some epic “firsts” for Camp Balcones Springs. For starters, we welcomed our very first limousine to opening day drop-off, as the elegant ride made its way around our Circle Drive. We also spotted a car fully decked out in Silver Spurs purple – proving just how deep our camp team allegiances run! Speaking of Team Comp, once campers were settled into their cabins and had met their bunkmates and counselors, we began our traditional Opening Night Team Initiation Ceremony. New campers were inducted into one of our four camp teams... Read more.

Last Day of Term 1!

And just like that, Term 1 is over! One session down, three more to go. Can you believe it? If you’re tuning in for Term 2 updates, check back at the beginning of this next week after Term 2’s Opening Day has ended. If you’re here for the last hurrah of Term 1, we’ve included below a list of questions for families to use when inquiring about their child’s summer at Camp Balcones Springs. :) We’ve also included several photos from the last few days of camp, featuring our ever-popular Rodeo Roundup western dance theme night and the last day... Read more.

Wednesday, June 16th: Big Catches & Mission Impossible!

Hello from another fun-filled day of camp! Today was a big catch day at CBS. Fish were biting in our pond, and the boy campers in the day’s fishing activities took the bait, if you will! Fishing is definitely one of the slower-paced activities at camp, so excitement is always high when campers make a rewarding catch. On the other side of camp, our very own Marine Bob taught E Compound campers some Marine Corps basics! The class practiced kayak-carrying, the “sugar cookie” (a Marine Corps PT maneuver where one jumps in the water and rolls in the sand), and... Read more.

Monday, June 14th: Trolling Motor Boats & Glow-in-the-Dark Dances!

Greetings from another fun week at CBS! Here is a recap of Monday, June 14th – the start of our second week of Term 1. This Monday morning started off with our typical routines, as campers trekked from Flag Pole to Team Comp to their first activities of the day. Today, the boy campers in B Compound’s Crockett cabin learned how to operate our trolling motor tiny boats on Lake Ted. These campers maneuvered all over the lake, trying out various speeds and traversing in different directions (the boats can go in reverse!). All of the campers caught on so... Read more.