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All of the lastest news from camp during the summer and beyond.

Term 3: NOLA comes to CBS, Women's Dinner, & More!

Last night’s Mardi Gras dance was one for the ages! The night began with a one of kind Bayou themed dinner including gumbo, jambalaya, and fried okra paired with white rice, and house made corn bread! The meal was truly Southern comfort food at its finest. After dinner, kids went to flagpole where our boys counselors surprised all of camp with a skit where “crawfish” (i.e. counselors dressed/painted head to toe in red)ran for their lives from an angry chef wielding a skillet to “boil” the crawfish! Let’s just say the crawfish and the chef were both left to “boil”... Read more.

Term 3: Happy Fourth!

Welcome Term 3 Campers! We’ve had quite the exciting start to our third session at Camp Balcones Springs, beginning with our fantastic Fourth of July celebrations! Read more.

Term 2: Nights in San Miguel!

On Wednesday, Work Crew prepared for our Nights in San Miguel theme night by getting crafty. They showcased their creativity by crafting stunning flower crowns using a mix of carnations and wildflowers. We are immensely grateful for their hard work and dedication, and they truly deserved this enjoyable activity. Other activites on Wednesday include: slip n slide, Lake Ted, Tubing, and riflery! So! Many! Activites! Read more.

Mission Impossible, Etiquette Class, & More!

The week’s activities started off welcoming Health Coach Megan Brown to speak with our 16 and 17-year-old girls to give tips on hydration and nutrition as they prep for college. Read more.

Women's/Men's Dinner, Night Team Comp, & More!

On Friday night, we celebrated “Man’s Dinner” at boys camp. Everyone gathered for a great meal of sausage, ribs, wings, and rolls. Naturally, there wasn’t a shirt or utensil in sight, which naturally led to a classic food fight! Camp-wide capture the flag was next, and the Texas Rangers won the best of three series! The night concluded with a movie and ice cream sundae buffet. Read more.