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All of the lastest news from camp during the summer and beyond.

First Day of Term 2 + Team Initiation!

It’s finally here! Term 2 of summer camp at Camp Balcones Springs has begun! We kicked off the first day of Texas summer camp with costumed staff singing camp songs at our gates as families dropped off their boy and girl campers. Campers got settled into their cabins, met their counselors, and reunited with old friends – including our beloved summer camp dogs who were so happy to see a crowd of smiling faces again! After dinner and our first flagpole ceremony of the term, we began our traditional Opening Night Team Initiation Ceremony. At Camp Balcones Springs, we have... Read more.

Camp Horseback Program + DisGlo Dance!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we will be giving a brief overview of our camp horseback program, as well as highlighting Tuesday night’s seventies-themed summer camp dance - DisGlo! The equestrian program at CBS is open to both boy campers and girl campers of all ages and is run by our fantastic Horseback Director Tiffany Janke. According to Tiffany, “As the Horseback Director, I pride myself in providing a safe and fun learning environment for campers to foster and grow their love for horses. A great deal of preparation goes into each class of campers, from getting information... Read more.

Women's Fitness Class & Movie Night at Camp!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we will be talking about Monday’s activities as well as highlighting our Women’s Fitness Program! Here at Camp Balcones Springs, we are proud to be one of the only girls summer camps near Austin, Texas, that offers a Women’s Fitness activity program. This curriculum consists of five separate activities spread over the course of camp, designed to help introduce girl campers to a variety of exercise forms accessible to all skill levels and abilities. The first activity is an energy-filled salsa and rumba Zumba class taught by a local Zumba instructor. Girl campers... Read more.

Sunday Baseline Service at Camp & The Ted 10,000 Swim Relay!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we will be highlighting our events from Sunday, June 12 – the infamous Ted 10,000 Swimming and Road Relays, and our Sunday Baseline service at camp! Baseline is what we call our Sunday church service here at camp. Although we are a Christian camp and that informs many of our teachings of acceptance and love toward one another, we also aim to be a space that is affirming and inclusive of campers from all faiths and backgrounds. Thus, our church services are accessible for all campers and do not require them to share... Read more.

Girls Cookout, Boys Cookout, & Night Team Comp at Summer Camp!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we are going to talk about Boys and Girls Cookouts and our epic Night Team Comp event! For the past two blogs, we’ve discussed two of our favorite summer camp traditions – Women’s Dinner and Men’s Dinner. You may be wondering, then – what exactly do girl campers and boy campers do when those respective events are taking place? Well, we have your answers! During Women’s Dinner, boy campers participate in Boys Cookout, and during Men’s Dinner, girl campers take part in Girls Cookout. For the former (Boys Cookout), boy campers gathered in... Read more.