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All of the lastest news from camp during the summer and beyond.

Men's Dinner & Girls Cookout

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we’re highlighting Friday night’s Men’s Dinner event and the corresponding Girls Cookout! After activities ended on Friday, boy campers gathered at the front of camp for one of our most epic camp traditions – Men’s Dinner! Boys camp began the evening by eating sausage, turkey legs, and crusty bread according to the following three rules: 1) No utensils, 2) Shirts optional, and 3) Most importantly, no girls allowed! After clearing the tables and having a small food fight, the night was continued with a full-camp capture the flag game. The boys were divided... Read more.

Camp Lacrosse Program + Women's Dinner

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we’re going to talk about our lacrosse program, headed by camp alum Margaret Woodberry, and one of our most popular camp events – Women’s Dinner! At Camp Balcones Springs, we offer an array of activities spanning sports, fine arts, and outdoor adventure that campers can elect to major in while at camp. To ensure we offer the highest level of skilled training available to campers, we strive to bring in talented young people who are college athletes or have trained in the arts and outdoor activities they are coaching. That said, we knew... Read more.

A Very Seussical Evening!

Wednesday, we had a full day of activities here at camp! Some campers went to Lake LBJ for tubing, wakeboarding, and rides on our Banana boat. Others took a jump into the cool waters of Lake Ted off of the Blob. On land, campers took dance classes, created art in our Arts & Crafts shed, honed their skills on the tennis and basketball courts, climbed new heights on our rock climbing wall, and perfected their culinary skills in our Caribbean cooking class. In the evening, boy campers and girl campers of all ages gathered together for our first true theme... Read more.

Leadership Training Program for High Schoolers & Cabin Compound Night!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we’ll be talking about our Leadership Training, or “LT”, program for high school campers! Boy campers and girl campers who have finished the 10th grade participate in our LT program for their summer at camp. The LT program is part of our High School Programs Department and bridges the gap between the Senior Camper (Scamper) year and the last camp year on the Work Crew. LTs have a whole host of duties and special activities during each session. LTs run both the CBS Post Office – where we distribute all camper mail, packages,... Read more.

Camp Activities & a Carnival Theme Night

Our first full day of Term 2 is in the books! Monday was full of classic camp activities, an ice cream social for new campers, a health department inspection (eek!), and our Carnival theme night. At Camp Balcones Springs, we structure camp activities into major and minor class days. Every other day, boy campers have their major classes – classes they have signed up for and will repeat throughout the term. On the alternating days, girl campers have their major classes. On Boys Major days, girl campers go to minor activities and vice versa. Minor activities are assigned to campers... Read more.