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All of the lastest news from camp during the summer and beyond.

Night Team Comp - Camp Basketball Game

Today we’re discussing how we are coping with the intense heat here at camp, as well as our epic Night Team Comp basketball game with the eldest boy campers! As many of you know, those of us in Central Texas are experiencing record-high temperatures this summer. We wanted to assure parents that we are taking many steps to deal with the intense heat, lengthening our free swim times, making sure campers are inside in the air-conditioning during the hottest parts of the day, and having ample cold water available all over our property. We also have many shaded areas –... Read more.

Men's Dinner & Girls Camp's Revenge!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we’re highlighting Friday night’s Men’s Dinner event and the corresponding Girls Cookout! We’ve been writing about two of our favorite summer camp traditions – Women’s Dinner and Men’s Dinner. You may be wondering, then – what exactly do girl campers and boy campers do when those respective events are taking place? Well, we have your answers! During Women’s Dinner, boy campers participate in Boys Cookout, and during Men’s Dinner, girl campers take part in Girls Cookout. At Friday’s Girls Cookout, girl campers began the evening with a competitive game of Capture the Flag... Read more.

Women's Dinner & an Epic Prank!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we’re going to talk about Women’s Dinner and an epic prank that followed it! One of the most highly-rated activities at CBS that makes us a sought-after summer camp for girls is our Women’s Dinner event. Each term, girl campers get the entire front property to themselves for an elegant evening of fine dining, inspirational learning, and bonding with their fellow girl cabinmates and counselors. The night begins when girl campers gather in our Rio Grande Dining Hall in their pajamas. Tiaras are available at every table (though by no means required!) as... Read more.

High School Leadership Training Program + Girls' Flag Football Game

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we’ll be talking about our Leadership Training, or “LT”, program for high school campers, and last Wednesday’s Camp Gameday theme night – including the epic Senior Camper Flag Football game! Boy campers and girl campers who have finished the 10th grade participate in our LT program for their summer at camp. The LT program is part of our High School Programs Department and bridges the gap between the Senior Camper (Scamper) year and the last camp year on the Work Crew. LTs have a whole host of duties and special activities during each... Read more.

Seussical Summer Camp Dance

Tuesday, we had a full day of activities here at camp! Some campers went to Lake LBJ for tubing, wakeboarding, and rides on our Banana boat. Others took a jump into the cool waters of Lake Ted off of the Blob. On land, campers took dance classes, created art in our Arts & Crafts shed, honed their skills on the tennis and basketball courts, climbed new heights on our rock climbing wall, and perfected their culinary skills in our Caribbean cooking class. In the evening, boy campers and girl campers of all ages gathered together for our first true theme... Read more.