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All of the lastest news from camp during the summer and beyond.

Cooler Temps & Camp Movie Night!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we will be overviewing our Women’s Fitness program, as well as Thursday’s activities at camp, including a special breakfast, an ice cream surprise, and Movie Night! Here at Camp Balcones Springs, we are proud to be one of the only girls summer camps near Austin, Texas, that offers a Women’s Fitness activity program. This curriculum consists of five separate activities spread over the course of camp, designed to help introduce girl campers to a variety of exercise forms accessible to all skill levels and abilities. The first activity is an energy-filled salsa and... Read more.

Counselor Hunt, Horseback Camp, & Goodbye to Term 3A!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we will be giving a brief overview of our camp horseback program, as well as highlighting Wednesday night’s Counselor Hunt and our farewell to Term 3A! The equestrian program at CBS is open to both boy campers and girl campers of all ages and is run by our fantastic Horseback Director Tiffany Janke. According to Tiffany, “As the Horseback Director, I pride myself in providing a safe and fun learning environment for campers to foster and grow their love for horses. A great deal of preparation goes into each class of campers, from... Read more.

The Life Lessons of Summer Camp - The Wall Street Journal

Today we are covering some highlights from a recent Wall Street Journal article about the history and importance of summer camp, as well as the continuation of the boys and girls prank war and our Tuesday night theme dance – DisGlo! Reflecting on his time at a summer camp in the northern midwest, author Rich Cohen emphasizes the invaluable lessons he learned at camp – the kind you don’t often think about because they aren’t as straightforward as wakeboarding or riding a horse or learning how to shoot an arrow at a target. Those lessons, too, are valuable, Cohen says,... Read more.

Cabin Compound Night & Mission Impossible!

Today on the Camp Balcones Springs blog, we’ll be talking about Monday evening’s Compound Night and its surprise interruption for one of Camp Balcones Springs’ most historic events – Mission Impossible! After a day full of Monday activities, including boating on our Central Texas lake, rock-climbing, and arts and crafts, campers participated in Term 3’s Cabin Compound Night. Compound Nights are an opportunity for campers to hang out with the other young people in their age group. (“Compounds” are what we call each grouping of cabins on the Balcones Springs grounds, organized by age and gender.) Each term, our Leadership... Read more.

Camp Olympics, Beating the Heat, & a Baseline Service!

Today, we’ll be talking about our Sunday activities at Camp Balcones Springs, including Camp Olympics, ways we’re staying cool, and our evening Baseline service! Sunday began with the infamous Camp Olympics event, starting with an opening ceremony in the GridIron, after which all of the campers returned to their cabins to create a cabin flag and cheer to use during the games. After that, girls and boys reported to their starting event and raced around camp participating in different mini games before returning back to the GridIron. The games offered something for everyone, from a Football Toss to a Scooter... Read more.